What is your favorite blender version?

What is your favorite blender version? Disscus (argue). :smiley:

Blender 2.25 because of it’s game engine.
Blender 2.30 because of it’s modeling and new GUI, but without bugs it would be awesome. :smiley:

2.23… intersect, script.py support, no bugs.



Eric, you must be from the future!! :smiley:

2.28c (even though its a trippy “install”)

sgreed with fligh about the INTERSECT feature. i was rather disapointed at the removal of that because boolens IMO is crap in comparison LOL.

anyway my favorite version is 2.30 due to its UNDO feature, its knife tool and oter various vidgets.


2.23 because the last time I checked that was the only version that could export armature deformations via PovAnim.

/me lieks 2.3 as well and is looking forward to 2.32 :smiley:
an hybrid renderer would be great, and ika back as well :slight_smile:

IKA back… right…


Nah, I can say the same about The Return of the King movie without seeing it . :smiley:

2.23 and 2.25 all the way.

Not even had a go with 2.3 yet, or 2.28. Played with 2.27 once. Maybe I should get into 2.3 soon, could do with an Athlon ‘optimised’ version.

Any chance of overlaying the new 2.3 interface onto 2.25 Publisher, with the addition of the new mesh tools? Hell forget about the tools, it would be nice just to update the 2.25 interface and then we can still use the game engine etc.


Every hotdamn version, Though Ztonzys latest cook up always gets my vote.


umm yeah thats intellegent LOL.

why don’t you jsut stick the game engine back in the new one LOL ha ha ha

anyway of buying the game engine back?

there can be only one…



sure, the ui in 2.3 is great, and there are some cool features in 2.28c, but
my policy is:

if all else fails: 2.25

(if 2.25 fails, then i’m screwed)

I’m still doing a bit of studying, and I need to get the DX SDK installed (more on this in another post) but I’m toying around with the notion of getting permission to make a DX based game engine for the Windows versions of Blender. I know everyone here likes OpenGL, but my system can’t handle 3D in open GL, so I wouldn’t be able to test in that platform.

With me, it’s been a game of sit and wait. The first version of blender that I used was 1.7. However, the majority of my early work was done using 1.8. Except when I wanted to play around with some game engine stuff, that was the version I used until the addition of the subsurface modelling tool in version 2.23 (sorry if I’m wrong, I don’t remember the exact version). That’s when the blender publisher went into effect, and blender became a little more expensive.
Now, with the event of the blender open source project, I’m still using 2.23. I don’t know why I haven’t at least bumped up to 2.25, but the fact that it was the version that was around during the “big switch” might have something to do with it.
No offense to the coders, but 2.26 and up just don’t run as well as 2.23 on my older machine (350mhz). I am taking some serious looks at 2.3, however. Given a little more time, and a little more code clean up, I can see myself setting something in the 2.3 series as the new standard on my machine.
But not yet.

2.23: contains less features, but more stability and efficiency.


definitely 2.23

Fast, no drawing problems, best interface so far (yeah yeah). I do not know a single interface that suits me better.