What is your favorite game engine?

Hi everyone.

I want to hear your opinion about game engine. What is your favorite game engine and why you like it?

Thank you very much for checking this thread.

My favourite is the BGE!! Probably because of the graphical logic developer and straight forward Python scripting!!

This is the only 3d game engine I have used (apart from small scale modding) but I haven’t had any reason to look for a replacement. It is great.

Of course BGE is one of my favourites, but I’ll name some other engines I do like:

  • hl2-engine
  • gamebryo engine (sorry, but still loyal to my old tesnexus community)
  • the cube 2 engine

The BGE, it’s free, it’s easy, you can do a very wide variety of shaders with GLSL, and no need for model importers.

But what’d you expect when you post this in the BGE forum? You may also get a little bias in off topic too, bias is almost non-existant at places like CGsociety.

blender game engine cuz it’s the best/ i’ve spent many months with other engines but blender is…the…best…one…nyaaahhh thanks to Yo Frankie! and Electronic Arts Research


Hmmm… let me think… How about… the Blender Game Engine! (surprise surprise). Show me another open source, flexible 3d game engine that you can start without needing to know programing and still extend to meet your imagination and skills. None that I know of.

Rock on BGE. :smiley:

My favorite game engine is crystal space, because I’ve always had a soft spot for the homeliest and sickliest dog in the kennel.

LOL. CS used to have a huge framework of dynamic linked libraries, causing slow development turn-around times. But perhaps it got leaner and meaner recently?

Aside from my own BGE, my favorite indie game engine would be C4 Engine, or build my own game engine around Irrlicht 3D graphics engine.

I love the blender game engine for it’s speed in prototyping and creation. It’s latest improvements have eclipsed any other I’ve used though I would like better file protection and (Despite the fact I know how to) a clear explanation selling games legally that is presented in an easy and obvious place for new users. I think almost everyone has had that “wait, so I cant sell my blender games!?” moment

BGE!!! the best game engine i have used.

now out of all the game engines, i’d go with the Frostbite engine of Battlefield Bad Company. total destruction! >8D
or the new Unreal tournament egine of x-men origins cause of the new improved gore of the games >8)

I was jk-ing about the x-men gore. i think games could have been bettr without it.

BGE, because NOTHING can top true free.

however, for now, we DO have to kind of gawk at half-life 2’s physics and star wars: force unleashed’s simulations…

At the top would be Euphoria, and just below it would be BGE, Euphoria is awesome but blender is free and simpler.:yes:

Uh, Euphoria’s an advanced animation technology that simulates a nervous system, not a game engine, you have to plug it into an engine to use it in games.

[QUOTE=Jesus Freak><>;1389419]BGE!!! the best game engine i have used.

now out of all the game engines, i’d go with the Frostbite engine of Battlefield Bad Company. total destruction! >8D
or the new Unreal tournament egine of x-men origins cause of the new improved gore of the games >8)[/QUOTE]

someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m under the impression that blender game engine can do everything that Frostbite engine does

and more

I think you can better ask: “What’s your favorite game engine exept BGE and why do you like it?”, cuz everyone thinks BGE is the best :rolleyes:. With some tweakings, it’s possible to get the same graphics as the unreal 3 engine (maybe even more). BGE only needs huge performance tweakings and then it’s nearly perfect :smiley:

If the BGE had higher performance rates with more polys then I would say it, but I like Game Maker written by Mark Overmars and found on www.yoyogames.com. You can get the Lite version or buy the full version for $25. It is the easiest engine I have ever used, you don’t have to know programming because it is almost all drag and drop but if you want to get fancy and do advanced AI or something then it has it’s own coding language called GML, it is SOOOO easy to pick up, (way easier than C++, lol) I learned how to do almost every thing in just a few days. So check it out, it is awesome!

ive tried a shitload of engines wen i was looking for the 1 perfect engine, of course wen i was searching for the perfect game engine i really didnt have the full understanding of wut a game engine really was. but even then, ive tryed
saubertine engine(cube 2) really was confined to map making for cube, wasnt really for amking ur own game
Source engine (half life 2 engine) this is a VERY good engine. it takes map making and puts a very easy way to make ur own engine with it
Retribution engine () really wasnt my favorite, however it did have potential.
Genesis 3d (3d Game Factory engine) a GREAT engine, i’d probably be still using this if i hadnt found out about blender.
BGE (wut we r all using :wink: of course u know wut the BGE is!

CryEngine 2. Hands down the best engine I’ve played with in terms of tweakability for performance, the Sandbox editor is wonderful, and the 16km draw distance is insane. And Crysis looks incredible and plays fantastically.

You can’t really measure draw distance in terms of km. I mean I could have a plane 1x1 blender unit and say it’s 200km squared. It’s more in terms of detail