What is your favorite tutorial for head sculpting?

Bit of an odd question… But looking around their are tons of tutorials out there on sculpting heads.
After getting a job lately i havn’t been doing much in Blender and i’m kinda trying to get a kick in the pants on some project because i really love just doing stuff in blender.

Anyway the weekend challenge this week is “Sweet” so… I don’t now why i feel embarrassed saying this but, I wanna make one of those sculpted 3D portraits of my Girlfriend.
I’m hoping to learn alot about particle hair with this aswell as refresh myself on sculpting cause i rarely use the sculpting tools.

So overall there is alot of tutorials out there, and i’m wondering if any of you remember any that particularly struck you as really helpful or easy to follow and learn from x:

Just looking to be pointed in the right direction is all i guess d:

Thank you ^-^

I don’t remember its name, but remember seeing a good one over there; it is a year or so old, but the info will still apply, especially with relation to topology which is what your main concern should be.

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I don’t know exactly what Writer’s Block is refering to, but I guess it may well be the same : I would highly recommend the one from Kent Trammel here http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-courses/creating-a-realistic-head-in-blender/