What is your favourite way of learning Blender

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

I wanted to test how this poll thing would work :slight_smile: so I figured it might be nice to ask everyone what your favourite way to gather information on Blender is. I might use this information to better provide learning services on elYsiun.com.

This poll will last for 1 week

(Green) #2

I press the buttons and see what happens. :slight_smile:

(ilac) #3

“What does thiiis button doooo?” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nimrad) #4

How do you vote exactly?

Nims :-?

(Timothy) #5

make sure you’re logged in,… and then just select the option,… and vote

(haunt_house) #6

Maybe I´m just too stupid, but the “press the button and see the result” thing is very disappointing for me in blender. There are too many buttons that do nothing if you haven´t pressed another button first and there are many magical commands where only a keyboardshortcut is available (and necessary, if you know it).

By the way, I don´t have only one favorite way of gathering info. I use the manual AND the tutorials AND the knowledgebase AND the questions and answers. So I´d like to check more than one point in my vote. But Q&A is the funniest way, because it includes communicating.


(rivenwanderer) #7

I have the 1.8 manual and The Blender Book, but I bought them after I’d learned Blender fairly well. I use them basically for reference for things I’ve forgotten or new things I want to learn. When I was just starting out, I learned by tutorials {although sometimes, like with materials, I’d just play around and see what works–I still do that}. <grandma mode>in my day we didn’t have the knowledge base!</grandma mode>

(stephen2002) #8

You can’t select more than one thing! I did quite a few of those things while learning Blender, but I can only chose one! Oh well, I suppose that i will rely on the one that I did the most.

(IamInnocent) #9

The first days, I cram as much information as I can in my head as fast as I can : I hate it.

From then on I choose a project and answer the questions that arise as they come. I also research and answer to interesting questions asked here. Sometimes I get stuck and then I turn to other people like here for a clue.

Sorry but there were no “comments” option.

(SkyWriter) #10

you need a choice for “I still can’t figure it out”

(theeth) #11

you need a choice for “go into the IRC channel and ask questions like: How can I do stuff… errr, you know?” :wink:

(A2597) #12


Push buttons around/read tutorials/ask questions/read FAQs/ Search Forums/ask on chat rooms/read other peoples questions to answer questions I didn’t even have yet/dissecting other .blends/well…you get the idea. :wink:

(steve343) #13

i cramed as much information as i can into my head for to years

a bit of experimentation later and im making desent pics (aint post any yet but u’ll see some sone) then blender go bust :frowning:

(CAVZ24) #14

Need to be able to choose two or more. I can’t say I learned it from any one source, but different sources. Most I picked up from the blender masters on the chat lines. Some I get from my 2.0 book. Some I get off the forums.

I’d say a majority of my lessons came from chat.

(Cessen) #15

There is a possibility that is missing, which is what I do all the time. I e-mail (and thus annoy the hell out of) Ton. :wink:

Although I suppose he could be considered a “more expierienced blender user”.

(SKPjason) #16

When I first started using blender… I just pushed buttons and stuff… I had experience with Lightwave on the Amiga… but it didn’t prepare me for the logical interface of blender… once I got the hang of making simply sphere and such then I started to check out tutes on the net… I think it took me at least six months to start posting at blender.nl messageboards… at the time… a lot of petty flame wars were going on… Of course… what do I do when I start posting… unknowingly defend a bad egg user and get into a flame war with Macke and Kib… What was I thinking… :wink:

(Friday13) #17

So i can only vote once? :stuck_out_tongue:

(IngieBee) #18

I notice that the older I get, the less likely I am to “push the buttons to see what happens”. Although I still try to “remember” that way, I tend to look up from a past tutorial. I learn mostly by tutorials and I like my tutorials in a book at my elbows. I’ve bought the Blender Book and tutorials 1&2 and the manual and they don’t go to waste.

My 2 cents :wink: Ingie

(nzrevenge) #19

Well, I mostly blend while in a MSN messenger chat with the guy who got me into blender. Whenever we cant figure anything out, we email eachother the .blend files and work together for solutions… It works well since we go to school together too…