What Is your Feel When The electric cut !

What Is your Feel When The electricity man come and cut the electricity ? :spin:

Is bad feeling when you work and The electricity man come and cut the electricity!!

I think you like sweaty muscular electric men in the dark.

What happened to the pizza thread ?

@ http://blenderartists.org/forum/image.php?u=7599&dateline=1204212815 what you meaning with this ?

I think, “damn that Civx.”

oh yes F you civx the all people say i am that persons

Put a stop to it please CIVX. You’ve got your own website so you can post there.

Thank Civx You
Is LOL Moment when Read Thread of You
Make Happy me. Thanks.

The ModGods shall strike you down Civx!


filler text

Starting meaningless threads: not cool.
Submitting meaningless replies to meaningless threads: even less cool.

You’re all guilty, guys, so get off your high horses. Now everybody be nice to each other.