What is your most prized possesion?


jackblack: That’s too bad. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

Hmmm, My most prized posession. Well, if it cam down to saving my most prized possion in a fire it’d have to by my cd collection, well as much as I could grab. I don’t think I’d have time to get my pc out the door, so it’d have to be the music.

material possesions?

a .308 sniper rifle from my grandpa

and yes, my hard drive

Let me re-phrase my word from before, My back-up info CD’s, mini hardisks.

haha, who would have the time to open up their computer and look for a screw driver while disconnecting cables and making sure to shut down the computer and wait for it. Then unscrewing all the little screws and finding out that there are more in the other side, and then the fire comes and engulfs you…leaving, your computer, unscathed…because, you forgot that your case was fireproof…but i would have to take my dogs…because, i do own them…they’re my slaves…and my cases of cd’s…man, if u collect a lot of things…like transformers, and video games…i’m going to load my house up with fire extinguishers now…

My penis.

That sucka has served me well over the years :wink:

Me too :smiley: only I have a semi-wide angle thing and a telephoto lens.

I’ll take my rebelXT and stuff. And take pictures of the apocolyps. And then goto someone who decided to take they’re comp and upload my pics :smiley:

my DVDs and CDs.

and my Sixlip t shirt

So you’re house is burning down and the first thing you think to grab is a copy of a program that is free to download off the net…Right. %|

Yeah, about that… I forgot to mention that was my pubic hair.


my dog. Does that count? I do kind of own him %|

if not, a stuffed toy lion I took everywhere when I went on holidays

Skottish- gimp daddy…haha my small minded friend, i’m quite sure it was “Super Deluxe Pimp Master Flex Award”- for outstanding skills with the ladies, for extrodinary dance floor moves, and the ability to make a woman pass out with the wink of an eye. yes my friends Wu has it all, the proof is in the pudding, Wu=skills with voluptouos women, learn these simple mathmatics, and stop making a fool out of yourself :smiley:

Sago- you lied to me you son of a beech, i wore that heart shaped locket for months, and now i am humiliated. you suck, your art sucks, and women are repulsed by your sunken eyesockets!!! :x :x :x

this is you " :x " buckteeth sticking out of your face, eyes sunken in, and a head like a pumpkin, i hate you!

(just so you know i made the “i hate you” in bold, italic, and underlined because thats what people do when they are serious…youve been warned…i said you been warned!!!)

My most precious possession WAS my bike, but that was stolen this week… out of the flats secured bike shed for crying out loud. If I find the person who did it, I’ll break his f*cking neck. with the power of love, baby!

Living in Holland sucks…

Oh, I also have some nice quotes about Wu I do treasure very much.
Like this one:


Yo, yo! Wanna throw down, Charlie Brown?!!

You just hop into that Monte Carlo of yours, drop the War “Low Rider”, and meet me on Crenshaw! We’ll see who’s small! That’s right, Baby! G-Mayonnaise you’re talking to Mother F’er. Let’s roll!

Sago- i’m truly sorry to hear your bike has been stolen, so i will do all i can to help you get it back.

People be on the look out.


Skottish-i dont understand what you are saying, all i can make out is that you would like to play cards or chess or somthing, and then go have mayonnaise sandwiches, sounds great, i’m free tusday :smiley:

Thanks Wu, your effort is very much appreciated.

Let’s hope this can bring my bike back.

Love ya,

Wu, we are brothers. There is no need to be insulting like this.

That’s funny stuff, man.

“Wu, we are brothers”… hilarious. Perhaps I should try that line on him. but I’m sure he’d call me sister…

Everytime I think the words “we are brothers”, I hear the voice of Diego talking to George in the movie Blow. I get a free movie clip in my head whenever I muse.

Skittles and Sago- we are all brothers here, so this time Skottish and this time only I will not use my super jiu-jitsu triangle chock lock on you, in which i would proceed to hyper-extend your head to the back of your ass. like the king of fight “Royce Gracie”.

WHAT you have never heard of Royce Gracie the greatest fighter living today???!!! Then you must see this:
Click to watch Royce Gracie (6 foot, 180 lbs) destroy Akebono (6 foot 8, 480 lbs)

I taught this dude all he knows think about that before you speak again Skittles otherwise it is on!!