What is your .thumbnails/large folder size?

Just for curiosity, can you check your .thumbnails/large folder and post its size?
Thank you

I’m interested for a one reason

  • blender generates thumbnails without any limits
    (there is nothing like to delete old files with date XY or for folder size above XY etc.)

Since it’s hidden folder only few of you knows how much space this folder takes on your disk. In my case it was 500 MB, that isn’t probably reason to worry about, but if I consider I did a clean installation of OS in 2016 and I used blender just from time to time that year …
But for users that do clean installation only by buying new hardware (like each fifth year), and they use blender in serious production work, it can be quite reasonable to know size of this folder.
Probably reason to rethink the concept of storing thumbnails in an upcoming 2.8 future.

OS X path
(“username” change to your account name)

To access this hidden folder simply bring “Finder” in foreground and hit “shift+cmd+G”.
It opens window with “Go to Folder”. Type the path to the field.

WIN path

LINUX path

Hi vklidu, I am on Linux and the folder is 236 MB.
There are not only Blender thumbnails but also all kind of system thumbnails.

Cheers, mib

Probably about 200 MB for me (Windows 10). I tried Googling for Mac OS and didn’t find any results…

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For me on Linux, at least, it doesn’t appear that Blender is the application that’s populating the .thumbnails directory. It is a system-wide directory, though and your file manager (Finder on Mac OSX) is likely to be the main culprit when it comes to populating that directory.


  • 236 MB is a mix of thumbnails of all apps and system files?
    What is a size of the “large” folder?
  • can you recognise if older thumbnails were automatically erased?
    (From the size it looks like thumbnails are continuously deleted or you did a clean install or you don’t use previews for browsing files :slight_smile:


  • is this directory on Win10 used only by blender?
    If not, whats the size of “large” folder?
  • what do you mean “I tried Googling for Mac OS…”


  • does it mean code was written by developer on linux, developer logically let navigate blender to store thumbnails to this folder?
    OS X itself is not creating this directory as system storage. This folder is created when I run blender.
    (I’m not so “techie” to distinguish if this folder generates blender or Finder when blender wants to access this non existing directory.)

  • I want to ask you too - can you recognise if older thumbnails are automatically erased?
    If Linux use this folder as system one, probably Linux cares about erasing old files. And probably that is why Mac does nothing with this directory, OS X is not caring about it and Blender expects system will care :slight_smile:

Probably its only OS X issue.
I just need to know if this thing with thumbnails is something that should take attention of developers or not.
Thank you for your responding.

on w7 here
path: “c:\Users\username.thumbnails…(fail, large & normal)”

as observed: folder size also depends on the size of your library & how many thumbs were generated within the Blender’s browser which are not supported by OS or other apps

I edit a bit first post. Since Linux use .thumbnails folder for other files, “fail” folder has only 1x1px files and “normal” I have an empty … the only one that matters now is “large” folder in “.thumbnail” subdirectory.

@burnin: Yes, you are right.
My interest came from fact that on Mac is not any rule of cleaning this directory.
So I would like to know if your folder is filled by many old thumbnails that take a lot of space on disk or not.
As I wrote in my first post - in serious production work it can become a big folder that sits on your disk without your knowing.

From answers here I understood its probably only OS X user problem.
Because Linux use this directory natively.
Windows ???