What it happened with the Nico Digital?

What is happened with the nicodigital.com?

What is the reason to it end yours operations?


sorry? what do you mean?

excess cracksmoking can cause brain dammage

Sorry, I want say Nico digital and not Elysiun. I need stop with the drugs! %|

hah, have you tried e-mailing the address on nicodigital.com? My spanish isn’t too good, but it seems that he doesn’t think the reason for stopping the site is important?


I don’t speak spanish. Here in Brazil we are curious to know what is happened. And sorrowful also for this great loss.

If it’s important? Maybe yes! To know the cause of elysiun’s end can be useful to avoid this problem in others websites.

nicodigitals end not elysiuns :slight_smile:

I agree that it could be important to know why the site got closed down, though if it’s because of personal reasons that has to be respected.

<XhyldazhK> ‘The BlenderAddicted community hosted on NIcoDigital.com, has been closed definitely since today 2004/10/04 because of the causes that you already know if you were members of this community, and that doesn’t matter if not. In the future the domain NicoDigital.com will point to my personal page and won’t mantain a public forum again’

Hmmm…I wonder what those causes are…

cash most likely

in the mean time two or three new spanish forums have opened to fill its place.