What ive realized about the 3d world

since ive started blender a couple months ago i had major plans and i knew it would take a lot of time. at the same time i was also wondering y some other people that are really good with blender dont really have plans or anything, but i realized that they understand what type of technology they have, and what they can only do with it. And they could do so much more with an even stronger computer, but dont have enough money or resources for it. Thats messed up…

…that is certainly…an interesting observation, though I would have to disagree with it.

Lets clarify though, you are suggesting that those who are really good at blender do not have the technology and resources to get better?

If so I think you have much to learn young padawan.

no thats not what i meant lol, i mean if they want to make a movie or some they probably couldn’t because of rendering times and memory

Ah I gotcha. Well in that case, rendering times are usually proportional to what you are trying to accomplish in the scene. Working with a ton of 4-8k maps = more time. Its the same for those with the latest tech too, time. The shortcut would be to make your work in a realtime rendering environment instead, for example the blender game engine, UDK, source film maker, Cryengine…ect

what about renderfarm.fi

A few years ago I would have agreed with you but now all the means are out there for everyone to get.

You can hire render power real cheap these days and if you do not have the money to do that you can start a fundraiser with kickstarter or indiegogo or just accept donations through paypal. In a few years cloud computing will most likely be heavily used and will eliminate the problem once and for all.

@sainthaven like uv mapping?

@ninthjake can u send me a link to one of those?

This is not true.
I can make very good things with my old computer… with Blender.

I’m wondering if 3DUnlimited is trying to say that there are obviously a lot of very talented artists out there and some of them don’t have the money to see their potential to it’s fullest. Correct me if I’m wrong here 3DUnlimited, but are you thinking that the human race as a whole would benefit themselves by making sure as many talented people are able to get what they need to see their potential to it’s fullest thereby providing the rest of humanity with even greater works?

That if all talented artists had the resources to provide their talents to everyone else then everyone else would benefit from the talents which have been provided to them. That is essentially talented artists are provided the ability to achieve their talents and those that provided the ability will be provided with the fullest talent of the artist. It’s a win/win situation.

Ah, good ol’ Endi :wink:

@3Dunlimited - I hear ya…I sometimes feel like that, though since I got a proper computer it’s been less frequent. :wink: The main problem I have is lack of time. there are only 24h in a day and you spend roughly a third of them sleeping, another third at work (if you work elsewhere) and then the remaining 8 hours always find some way of flying by, filled with other boring stuff so that you end up with little time for 3D, which TBH, is time-consuming.

I guess the best thing to do is to “Never give up, never surrender” (to quote Galaxy Quest) :smiley:

EDIT - erm, I seem to have misunderstood the original point…well, I’ll leave this up just in case


I disagree. Assuming someone has the skill and talent to do it properly (a big assumption), the limiting factor in animation is the time someone has to create and animate an entire work. Hollywood stuff literally has too many moving parts for one person to handle.

Just like one person can’t play every role in a movie, usually, one person won’t have the time to do every part of a really well animated, feature-length animation. One person can do a decent quality short animation, but it usually still takes months or years just to do something decent, because so many things must be carefully crafted and tweaked, and no computer can speed up this process completely.

Maybe someday software will take more work out of animating, but for today, hardware is not the problem.

The limiting factors in the quality of stills (not animated) are skill, talent, quality of software, not in that order. Hardware also comes into play but there are always work-arounds.

I read Gareth Andrews rendered the VFX for Monsters on a single box (3ds/VRay) so it’s also about scene optimization, rendering to layers and faking stüff in comp a.s.o…

Time to start an Occupy Fry’s movement! Viva la NVIDIA!

You can have the best hardware and software tools to make 3d and still able to produce nothing. Creating 3d is more than having the best hardware. It takes patience, perseverance and most important talent to see things in 3d.

Been there before. “If only I have 3ds max, if only I have Maya, Cinema 3d, etc. If only I have better hardware.”

No. Basic hardware is enough to test how far you can go. If you don’t have it, then you don’t really have it no matter how many state of the art tools they dump in front of you.

Rendering isn’t everything, it’s just the only problem that can be solved with buying faster hardware.

Talent is an interesting term; I prefer determination, perseverance.

If you have those and Blender one can make some really amazing renders. A slow computer means a slower render, and possibly a few issues in very high polly scenes, but the issues can be pretty much overcome - back to the determination and perseverance.

I’ve tried 3DS Max and didn’t like it; now I see what folks can produce with it, and it is definitely a great tool - just not for me at this time.

The more hard work you put in, the more talented you get. :smiley:

Oh, we have another thread about talent vs. skill but that is imo BS. But what it does is give me a reason for showing of some talent found in this forum. This is made by user Benjee10 who’s in his mid teens…

And I do not deny his skill, I bet he’s put in tons of work, study to be able to do this, but his cinematography, that kind of ‘eye’, that feeling for timing, the storytelling part of it - for someone in his mid teens to be able to do that, that is talent. But to be able to do it all, you won’t get it together for free, you need to work hard.

This is also a good example on what you can do on a home computer today. :smiley: