What Killed Lightwave?

Python is a remarkably versatile and powerful language. It is heavily used in applications which require heavy CPU number-crunching capabilities, leveraging toolkits like NumPy, SciPy, PANDAS, MatPlotLib, Seaborn, Jupyter and many others. There is nothing “slow” about Python in these applications!

Also it is very popular as an extension language in many open-source apps, not just Blender. It is instructive to compare Maya and Blender in their adoption of Python: one just introduced a straight transliteration of its existing rubbish scripting language (MEL), while the other integrated it completely into the entire app, making every object in a Blender document directly accessible as a Python object, behaving according to common Python idioms.


I recall seeing a YouTube video just some months ago where it seemed they never figured out how to use quaternions to animate armatures. So you were prone to irritating problems like gimbal lock, which all the other major 3D apps have solved by now.

Couldn’t figure out the maths, perhaps?

Yes indeed it is, easy to learn relatively, easy to implement, very versatile and indeed powerful. However its not the best language to use depending on what you are doing.

I dont know of any app or addon outside of Blender that does fluid dynamics, granular solvers or any other really heavy computational work that uses python. Now i may be wrong and im quite open to being proven wrong, but Fume, Phoenix, Turbulance, Ice. Maya, Softimage XSI, C4D, 3DS Max and such all have fluid dyamics systems and not one of them to my knowledge runs on python.

Yes its a great language and is a must for all 3d apps, just look at all the addons on Blendermarket, most of them are python, but it is not always the best language to use.

Most of the addons we create inhouse are in C/C++ or MelScript for the low level ones. Yes we had and do indeed still have python and its great to use, but not in all cases.

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To the best of my knowledge addons that perform simulations or other processor intensive tasks (such as flip-fluids) do not use python at its core. Python is however used as a bridge between the simulation code usually in C/C++.

These sort of addons do not usually just call functions from blenders python api. There are usually for tasks or areas where blender (or the software) is weak in. For instance, you wouldn’t create a procedural particle system addon in python exclusively (by calling blenders api functions) or your addon would at its core be limited by blenders particle system.

This is why addons of this nature are more costly. Some addons or plugins are basically like writing separate programs from scratch and then linking them to the software. Example, X particles for cinema4d, even flip-fluids for blender.

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