What kind of AI do you have for your game

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What kind of AI do you have for your game.

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Here are some of the ai’s some of my games will have:

Strategy/simulation game: if I can get it figured out, your people have ai in what orders to follow. The best candidate for the job will carry out each order, and you never have to micromanage your people. Just give orders, and everyone does it to the best of their abilities. Also, some sort of function to get an ai from point a to point b is a must - track to wont cut it

Fantasy Isle: A little bit of alife will be used, this is when you simulate life to an extent of different organisms, on a survival/eating/procreating level. Not really intellegence, but it’s kind of cool. Animals will have stuff that attracts them, and stuff that repels them, and they will react to these stimuli s well as having their behavior change based on experience.

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ur poll is kind of misleading
no one just uses track to

u can actually get very good AI without knowing any python
ppl just need to use their brains and think of things and how they work
if u just sit down and think a while, ull know how to make great AI with bricklogics

i see a lot of racing game that use ipos for their opponent racers… thats a bad idea, they may go too fast or too slow depending on the computer and they are not dynamic, as in u cant bump into their cars and make them move

simple fix, creat invisible walls around the track, left wall with a property of “left” and the right wall with a property of “right” the opponent car should alwasy move forward and when it touches the left wall, it turns right and when it touches the right wall it turns left
i made a great little racing game at www.blendergames.com, its just called RACE, the AI is excellent with no IPOs

this is allot tricker, but after playing hours of goldeneye and other game, ull kind of think of ur own ways to great AI
the AI should have a string property called “status”. actuators could put text in the field such as “patrol” “chase” “dead” “flinch”(from injury) when prop “status”= patrol, the AI could be similar a cars(alwasy move forward, turns left and right when colliding with walls. when AI is near bullet or player it sets prop “status” to “chase”. and when in this “chase” mode, the AI may have a track to, and a combination of always and near to make the AI walk towards the player but not to close. aiming is very complex and hard to explain, u can look at the way my AI aims by dling my Halloween game at www.blendergames.com and if u know anyhitng about properties u can easily make life. prop life = 100, collision bullet add -10 to prop “life” and if u know how to use armatures, u can make some animations for your character