What kind of animation do you see in this audio file?

I was trying to start learning to write better english.
When I completed my text I had an idea to try also speak it with my own voice.
I know that I don’t speak very fluent english but is it even almost understable?

Then, when I completed those my voice testing, my friend had an idea that he would wanna start doing an animation based on that text. Do you see there any kind of possibility that this would be a good short? What kind of pictures do it made in your mind?

I do not own the rights for that music, so I will remove the file from the server when I think its been “enough long” there.


Lol, I forget to say this:

Feel free to add your critics here. I am not going to do suicide if someone does not like this. The voice and the music and everything may sound really depressed, but its still just acting. :slight_smile:

I will also add the text here when I am back at my home.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when writing a story:

  • Who is the main character?
  • What does he want?
  • What does he need?
  • What obstacles get in the way?
  • How does he get past the obstacles (and these ideas should NOT include someone else doing it for him, not even his deity)?

Answer those questions, then rewrite your story idea based on your answers.

Stories are about individual people overcoming obstacles to reach goals. If you don’t have those, it will be difficult for your audience to connect with the story.

Pretty pictures will only take you so far without a $100-million-dollar budget for advertizing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the good answer :slight_smile: I’ll remember those when/if I start writing a story from this.

That my text and recording of it was actually more like raw background sound for the animation, everything else is open. Something that helps to find the “feeling base” of the whole story. The reason why I started this thread was because I wanted to know what kind of person or place, or life could people see from that kind of speech. Or can anyone see potential on that poetry to be a real story?

Like someone would answer to this:
“I think there would be a boy in the dark forest alone.” - or something like that.

But I am really really happy of any kind of responses, positive and negative ones. :slight_smile:

Ever seen the film Silent Running? Nope…probably not…It’s about a guy who lives alone (except a couple of robots) on his spaceship, looking after the last remaining forests, then he is told by earth to Jettison them, and then return to earth, and it’s about him being torn to obeying orders, and his beloved forest.

The first thing I thought as I saw this a scientist alone in space, Overlooking a planet, pondering how to save everyone, maybe from a disease - He talks about his pain, and his internal struggle, and his attempts to run from it, and how he can’t escape.

I had a great image in my head of him looking out over the atmosphere, his reflection against the glass of the ship, as his internal monologue says the audio clip, floating around the cramped interior, looking at DNA sequences on holographic projectors, with parts highlighted red showing the disease, and all the bits of paper showing his months / years of work, before heading back to the window, and breathing out, misting up the glass, where he gently wipes it away with his hand…

The last piece is quite fast paced - maybe a zoom out of the window, showing the solo space station, the earth, constantly zooming out until it only shows the universe in it’s entirety - showing that he is completely alone.

Anyway, that’s what I’d do :smiley:

Phoenix, thank you a lot of your ideas. The idea about the space has not even crossed in my mind before you answered here.
I did get so much from your text. :slight_smile:

Here is the original text which I promised to paste here:
Here I am, in the secret place of mine.
I am completely alone with my pain.

I am screaming and I am running
and at the same time I am standing still.

That’s the complex paradoxity of the human soul,
it never could be understood by the mind of man.

I am like the dust thrown to the air.
It’s almost shapeless cloud which is completely
in the mercy of the winds.
It lasts for not so long and when it’s gone
can not anyone remember its form.

If someone says: “I did know that man!”,
Isn’t he a liar, cause how could anyone see through the walls of foggy clouds?

He only could see my smiling mask, the cloud, and he thinks:
“thats him!”
But inside where no one can watch: I am just crying.

And I run of my pain, I run from the sorrow that is
made for me. Maybe even made by me?

It’s following me everywhere, my worst pain is myself.

The pain is driving me to the insanity.
I am falling down to the deepest caves of the human
psyche. To the places where are not survivors
there are not friends, not saviours, nor even enemies.

The emptyness is everything around of me, it’s eating me alive.

For me this is not a game. This is my life.
And I don’t wanna be the pawn for this kind of a game.
I am a living thing, not a toy.

But I can not tell that to them,
I’ll try not to see
I’ll try to forget, but I can’t
cause I am made from all of those things.

And I am watching my own life from the perspective of
the others.
I do watch myself doing things on this huge playground like
I were someone else.

But even I can not see through my own cloud
and make sense to all of this.
If I can’t do it by myself, then who can?

That is my dust.
Its my pain,
here are my veins.

A nerd guy sitting by a pc with a headset and trying to write some poetry…

FreeMind, lol, thanks for your opinion. :smiley: I know that I am not the Shakespeare or any like that. :smiley: If you are so skilled, please share more of your great wisdom with us, I would like to learn from you. :slight_smile:

I honestly see a buddhist monk meditating in lush gardens…

Nice. :slight_smile: An another idea that have not yet been in my head before. I am sure that it must have has something to do with my finnish accent together with that music and the words. :smiley: My accent must sound really weird for the people who are from America or UK. Almost like Asian accent or some like that.

When I made that, here are what my thoughts were that made me do it:

In my childhood there was a lot of violence by my school friends and I had to fight every day with them. I am not so weak, so anyone did not beat me so badly ever, but when all your classmates are against of you, it’s psychologically really hard to handle. So I wanted to try to remember how it feel’d and dramatize it a bit. :slight_smile: How it feels to try to look happy for everybody and hide inside how you really feel? There are things that can really drive people to the insanity, like someone would start planning the revenge and killing people because what they have done. None can see what happens inside of someones mind. (that is what i was thinking when speaking about the cloud) And that’s why it is every time a big surprise when someone starts to kill people who are the closest ones to him.
I never planned anything like that because I believe in the forgiveness, but that kind of experiences in our childhood will define what we really are, how our psyche works. And its hard to change.

Or another idea is to change the hard topic to humor.

With pictures it is possible to make pretty funny video with these lyrics.

Maybe there is a big fat and rich mafia boss at the pool, watching the girls and at the same time thinking something like that.
Or maybe it is some animal who is thinking?