what kind of animation is this and can bleander make it?

I know the backgrounds and robots are regular 3d CGI blender can easily make but I’m mostly asking about the characters. are they CGI that’s been rendered to look 2d, some kind of vector images or are they just standard cell animation. what ever they are can blender make something similar? and if so what would I need to know to create something similar?

this is the animation I’m asking about

Only the robots are cell shaded 3d objects. The backgrounds, the characters and everything else are traditional, (shitty) hand drawn animation.

But yes, Blender can do traditional 2d animation with the grease pencil.

Yep, they are just traditional cell animation characters and backgrounds. It actually looks like the only CGI is the robots and a single shot of some water.

As already pointed out, the cell animation can be done in Blender with the grease pencil. But obviously, you’d most likely have an easier time doing it in toonboom or something similar.

Standard hand-drawn animation. Probably Toonboom Harmony Premium. This could be done in OpenToonz as well. To create something similar you need to be able to draw in a similar style.