What kind of assets would you be more inclined to buy?


I have a question for the community about 3D assets that can be bought on the different markets.

What kind of assets would you be more inclined to buy for your projects?

  • Assets with non-collapsed modifiers stacks, which means that you have the opportunity adjust them to your liking.
    For example:
    Tubes and cables are still bezier curves that you can make longer, or more subdivided.
    Flat meshes with solidify, array, bevel and subdivision modifiers that allow you to quickly change the shape if you want.

The downside would be that the textures would be “procedural” and more generic, i.e. tiling textures with curvature and ambient occlusion masks ( which are not fully compatible with Eevee for the lack of a curvature node). They would however be adjustable and materials could be reused elsewhere.

  • Polygonal assets with applied modifiers that have unique UVs and higher quality painted textures.

The downside is the obvious lack of flexibility, but you get better quality assets, more optimized and ready to be used in Blender and game engines.

  • Meshes with non-collapsed modifiers stack and procedural textures
  • Polygon meshes with unique textures

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