What kind of camera do you need to shoot good motion-tracking footage?

I’ll upload some footage as soon as I have some good stuff :slight_smile: It can take a day or two though, for It’s almost dark outside so I can’t do much more today, And I’ve got a family-party tomorrow. I’ll try to shoot some good footage as soon as possible but you have to keep in mind that the first shots will probably be full of beginner-error so good footage as I said could take a day or two :slight_smile:

oh you are in the Netherlands… woooo maybe we can see some neat stuff… :slight_smile:

Deshaker has rolling shutter correction.

Some people requested some footage, well after a few days of experimenting and making a LOT of beginner’s-errors I got 25 seconds of nicely-traceable material. http://www.4shared.com/video/bL6smTF-/MVI_0173.html

I would like it if it was used for self-educational purposes only… but I can’t force you :slight_smile:
I could track this with a eroor amount of 1.5somethingsomething so that’s nice and stable.
I filmed this with a focal length of 18 and a Canon 600D (blender preset)
Thanks again for all the advice

Ick. Use something besides 4shared. No way am I signing up just to download a file.

Try 180upload.com

Thanks for the tip! here’s a new link: http://180upload.com/74i6s5lv72xk
again: Focal length of 18 with a canon 600D

Thanks, got it!