What kind of computer you are using

for running blender…

How much RAM?
What CPU? (Intel or AMD?)
What videcard?

I am planning to buy new one and I like´d to know what would be good enough for Blender.


athlon 64 (newcastle) with some gigs of ram

a intel would do, either, but with amd you get more power for less money.

currently i’m using a G4 and a 1st generation athlon, though the next box will be here within a month - i just don’t know what exactly it will be. i’d love a new mac (the dual G5 rocks), but the latest FX53 is also a top-performing machine…

video card - the GF 6800 FX might be a good choice :slight_smile:

Hasn’t this topic been covered in the off-topic section? There’s a post about what people use to Blend. I use a 700MHz ibook but I’d love one of the new G5s with liquid cooling. It depends what you want to use it for. For most cases, anything above 500MHz with a graphics card built in the last 2-3 years should be fine.

enough ram, dictaed more by what you plan do do [hi poly stuff, big textures? a gig doesn’t hurt]
amd is cheaper
a geforce2 mx is good enough for blender, but again it depends on what else you will do with it [gonna play any new games?]