What kind of equipment do animators have?

Now that I got you guys attention, I would like to ask. What does a computer animators work station look like hardware wise ( i"m no talking about software or computer specs), and i mean how do you set up your work space. Why do some computer animators use more than one computer screen. :RocknRoll:

ps: thanks in advance

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There’s a company called “Boxx” that specializes in various types of workstations. If you wanna know what kind of hardware goes into a typical high-end workstation, that’d be a good place to start.



From the initial looks of it you are trying to jump the gun and buy the equipment without really knowing what what equipment you hold inside of you . . . ie your mind.

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"i mean how an animation station works for every other person,

More answers would help

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I mean what does the set up do,and how to create cheaply kind of [email protected] Also a third one would help for playing xbox 360

im not going to just go buying, i am trying to do research on people opinions and some of my answers kbot

Well i have 2 22 inch monitors on my wall.Mainly because i can get a better view of my work and i can have an image of the model on 1 moitor and my modeling program on the other so i dont have to switch in tthe tabs.

Ahhh . . . an indicative expression of the most efficient use of current resources for your intended tasking.

well, I’m no pro or anything but I use two monitors when I model and when I paint so I can have reference or inspiration on one monitor and model or paint on the main one.

I also like having the second monitor so I can do things like this while I’m working :stuck_out_tongue:

But for a ‘cheap’ workstation, you’re basically going to be using a regular old PC. They don’t put anything in those systems that any other PC wouldn’t have. If you’re doing 3D then a powerful card helps, but the way OpenGL drivers are going lately, who knows.

The only thing a 3D workstation has that a normal PC might not would be a rendering interface, but those things usually cost a ton and only a few apps can use them. http://www.computerarts.co.uk/reviews/hardware/graphics_cards/pure_rendering_card for instance.

But if you’re not going to do high end stuff, just getting a PC off the shelf with a good CPU, decent RAM and a nice 3D card will do you just fine for just about anything. I personally have one of the crappiest computers you can get… I don’t think you could buy ANYTHING as bad as my PC right now… I seem to get along just fine with Blender.

The current photoshop barely runs on my PC if that’s any indication on how bad my PC is :stuck_out_tongue: I tried out a demo for CS 3 and i could paint without any lag at all as long as I was painting on 800x600 image and with very small brushes.

If you mean how I physically have my desk set up:

I don’t have a computer desk, I have a folding table. Larger working area.
Two widescreen 19" monitors, my Wacom and my keyboard are in front of me, mouse to the right hand side, mic to the left. Speakers all around for the 5.1 audio while I’m working and snack food, jewel cases, DVD spindles and various other things scattered about. My PC is on the floor out of the way. The desk has just the stuff that I need to work on it. I mean, aside from all the trash and shit.

And I have pictures and posters and crap polluting my walls. Stuff that I like I print out and tack to a wall. I also have a tack board, but that just has my own storyboards and various notes and crap on it.

So yeah… that’s my work space…

thanks but i wonder why some animators use dual screens?

Because they want to.

I use two 1600x1200 19" CRTs, with Blender occupying about 1.5 of the two. That puts two 3D +outliner on one screen, and the action editor and buttons window on the other half. The rest is space for my email, skype, etc.I’m running them from an Nvidia card

Because its such a frustrating thing to get right that something usually ends up getting thrown. The second screen is just incase such an event takes place (more than often it will)

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Which is why I have three monitors. One is just a fake I cut out of styrofoam and that is the one I grab and throw against the wall.

Unless of course I’m really mad and frustrated and I grab the wrong one. I just hate it when that happens.:mad: