What kind of graphics card?

i know this is an open question and it depends, but for rendering animations and what not, what specifications ANd other specs should I be looking to get, also, how much faster would a Nvidia graphics render a 500 frame scene compared to a low end graphics card?

First you need enough memory to fit everything in graphics card. If low memory, you need to CPU rendering.

But if there is enough memory, you get some idea performance differences to check how many teraflops they calculate.

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A great graphics card will definitely decrease render time. And I believe now they have RTX support–not sure if this deals with render times, or just bells and whistles, but Cycles will definitely utilize a good card. It’s hard to say how much, there are too many variables with your personal rig I’d think.

I went from an AMD Radeon 280x 3gb to a Geforce RTX 2070 8 gb and my render times were greatly decreased.

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how would a AMD HD7870 or NVIDIA 1050t be?

AMD HD7870 is seven year old so there would be huge difference if that is upgraded to nVidia 1050. Easily over 10x speedup.

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let me ask this then, what kind of render times in cycles can i expect from a nvidia 1050ti?
i know it depends on other factors as well, but with this GPU?

Over 10x faster than than AMD HD7870 GPU :slight_smile: It really depends on resolution, scene complexity and settings. Also it is very easy to switch eevee and get huge speedup.

Rendertimes depends more on what you want.

Make sure you get the 4GB version.

Moving this to tech support and suggesting:

Can anyone comment on whether an AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 will work with Blender?