What Kind of Tutorials Are You Looking For?

I’ve been getting creativity fatigue lately, so I think for a change of pace it’d be interesting to make tutorials instead of watching them.

So with that, what kind of tutorials are you looking for? What has the Blender community been generally interested in lately? What level are you looking for: Beginner (Still getting a hang of those hotkeys), Intermediate (For once I’m less ashamed of my Artstation presence), Advanced (I’ve surpassed hotkeys and used Blender’s scripting to save my marriage)?

I dunno. Overall, What kind of tutorials have you been into lately?

Hmm… any field would be ok. Modeling, retopology, materials, lighting and rendering setups.

Personally I find most difficult hard surface modeling when lots of rounded shapes are involved (think of a supersonic jet or something). Subsurf seems to get spoiled and create unwanted shapes and shadows at the slightest mistake.

Something I need help with is hand painted textures. One’s that show detail.

I would like a tutorial that uses blueprints to model a hardsurface model using hardops and boxcutter. The model could be something similar to the sony d100 audio recorder, as long as there are no copyright or proprietory issues. Sony D100 Model Thanks

Drivers are my next space… I don’t really use them but i have seen in tutorials that they can be powerful…

Personally, I would like to see beginner and intermediate Blender 2.9 or 2.91 to really get the hang of modeling in the latest version of Blender.