what languages do you speak?


Native : Arabic
Secondary: English

what about you?

C++ and Assembler

pig latin
english (no way :eek:)
non dicum latin

I speak english, but understand a small amount of Spanish, German, Italian and latin…

I wish I knew much more :frowning:
I love meeting new people!

native: Ukrainian
second: Russian
third: English

My native languages? Both Canadian French and English, for as long as I can remember - it’s one of the awesome things about having an “anglophone” dad and “francophone” mum :slight_smile:

I’ve also managed to learn a few words in Japanese, a tiny bit Spanish a while back (most of which I’ve forgotten), and I can usually figure out a bit German and Italian text.

English (obviously).

As for knowing any other languages, I know a small selection of words in Spanish (Espanol) and that’s it.

BTW: You changed your name again!? If you keep doing that every year it will only invite confusion.

English and Ronspian (Alien language I created for an alien race ;)).
small words and phrases in german, french, italian, and spanish are memorized.
I can also speak teen talk, slang, and popular culture terminology.
i might also add i can speak a variety of dialects too. Default being a californian or west american but others including a slight irish/scottish accent, british accent, indian accent, hillbilly/redneck accent, and a variety of other, uncategorized dialectives including, but not limited to, impressions of movie characters :smiley:

Native Language : English

Second Language : Bits and pieces of French, not really helpful

Native: English
Secondary: Blender Language :stuck_out_tongue:

Native: Dutch
Other: English, French, and I understand some bit of Latin and German.

I would love to speak some more languages like Chinese, Russian and so on, but I’m happy with the languages I can speak up to now because I’m only 16 at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

1 siciliano
2 italiano
3 inglese
4 francese
5 ms dos

Μιλώ Ελληνικά

Native :Greek
Secondary : English

Additional: programming languages ( gwbasic, clipper, c# ,C++ , dbase, delphi , python , lisp , smalltalk )

Native: Swedish
Secondary: English

I can understand Norwegian and Danish as the Scandinavian languages are quite similar. I can also speak a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of Japanese.

Also some C++ (hey it IS a language :P)

Native: Finnish
Secondary: English, or Finglish. er…
I also could understand a bit about swedish.

HTML, CSS… eh.

English, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Otjiherero, Oshiwambo and Python in order of fluency, which sucks but working hard on Python as I would love to contribute something actually useful to Blender.

Native language/dialect is Australian English. For some reason i have a lot of trouble understanding Jamaican English but other Englishes i’m OK with.

Fluent-ish in French.
A little bit of German.
A tiny bit of Japanese.
Enough Noongar (the traditional language where i live) to get the jist of a Welcome to Country as it’s traditionally spoken. :slight_smile:
And “hello, how are you” plus a bit extra in maybe twenty more languages from across the world because i learn them for fun sometimes.

I studied linguistics at university but contrary to popular belief it’s all about general structures and patterns and methodologies for working with language as a general thing; specific languages only enter into it as examples.

I also make languages up for fun and occasionally profit. One of my back-burner projects is a language made almost entirely out of verbs - originally it was for a game.

Oh and of course there’s programming languages: PHP, Python, jQuery/JavaScript, Java (slightly), Perl (also slightly), C64 BASIC back in the day…