What Make Human to install (if any)

On 64 bit Ubuntu 8.04?

I see there’s a 1.00 pre-Alpha out, but as far as I can tell it’s non-functional.

I’ve tried installing .91 a couple ways, no luck. The .debs gave me the error “wrong architecture i386.” Compiling animorph from source seemed to work, but when I tried to configure mhgui, it couldn’t find animorph. Will .91 not work on 64 bit?

Am I going to have to fire windows up to get this thing going?

No one is using MakeHuman? Not very good news for their project.

I’ve played with it, and everything seems to work ok. (at least the parts that have been implemented)

You will need to build it yourself from source though.

I’ve used MakeHuman 9.1 RC1 and it’s the current version I’m going to stick with for a long time. It has easy functions, nice options, and can export obj files.
Here’s an example of my work with it. Gaara from Naruto


Version 1.00?

I’ve temporarily put .91 on my Windows hard drive, but I wouldn’t mind having a newer version under Linux.

What I’d really like to see is the facial construction software put in.

version 0.9.1

1.00 is alpha, and as all things alpha it may not even compile, let alone work right. You can always pull down their source and see if it will build for you.