What makes a champion blender artist?

What sort of person would you say a genius 3d artist would be?

Is it 3d visualisation? a steady hand? an imagination?
Or maybe it’s the ability to capture that fleeting moment of inspiration, that wisp of a magical atmosphere and forever enchanting it into a 3d medium…

let’s get deep about this guys! :smiley:

Not everything requires grandiose artistic vision. I think alot of blender greatness is just patience, and persistance. Willingness to do what it takes to achieve the desired result.

too right, I often have no patience and hence a lot of unfinished work with potential but nothing to show for it.
Sure it’s fun modelling and texturing, but there will be mundane little tasks that aren’t so fun and you will make mistakes which will sometimes end in having to re-do hours of wasted work, but if you don’t defeat these you’ll be left with a dead project.

I think someone like jonathan williams…

A good artist is somebody how can have an idea for everything and can have many ways to get to the solution. A bad artist s simply
somebody who Ives up because he does not want to redo work

I personally think that a good 3D artist is someone who is patient, and willing to do the same model more than once. Patient since it takes time to model something, and for me, modeling something several times produces progressively better results than, say, if I were to model a car or something one time and just keep the first model. Especially if I’m modelling something for the first time.

I would say that I’m a model of a 3D genius…but I’m too humble to say it!

They need to add a Like button like in Facebook so I could easily agree with this.

I think its patience, though an imagination is great for it, you could really work off of someone else’s, but to be able to sit down hours on end, and work on the tiniest little detail, is truly amazing.

I think that a true 3D artist spends more time doing 3D, than complaining about Mods on BA…which makes about 5 of us in the whole world apparently…

Yeah, I do spend to much time here, instead of blending like I should be. But I don’t complain about the mods.

I would say it is the same as with any other artist.

No idea. Would try it one day though.

A “champion artist” is the one cheered to by the most audience.

It does not matter what you do, how you do it and what other artists think of it - If there are enough people that like your work and think of it as art you´ll automatically be a champion artist. And as fast as you gain the fame, as fast can you gain the shame.
It is not up to the artist, it is up to the audience.

All an artist can do is to sharpen his skills and master his tools.

So, arexma, “order” is a creature that exists inside an artist rather than where people vote for a champion. Is this right?
Indeed, as picasso said once, the most strict critic lives inside the artist, he’s always there, behind his back.

That was for Wefyb’s comments above, please W, do some search before writing so offensive comment.

i dont think he wrote something offensive. u might have misunderstood him.

Sorry, no offense, I know you are having a hard time with english, but bluntly I don´t understand you, literally. You should really brush up your english if you want to participate in such discussions, because I think it only creates lots of misunderstandings.

Besides that, I am with Michalis on the offensive nature of Wefybs post.

A lot of free time and determination.

Edit: Arexma explained it better

I don’t think that my comment was offensive at all. I was taking a small dig at the fact that there have been several threads very recently against moderators and the way this forum is run. And that people should stop complaining and make something better of that time. For example practicing to become better artists and using Blender.

I just think that too many people waste their time on little things instead of accepting things and moving on. And if anyone thinks that my post was directed towards them, it probably was.

And yes, a master artist is not the neccesarily the most talented, but the most awarded. My comment before was pretty much nothing more than a dig. This is my actual opinion on the matter.

I’ve decided not to feed the trolls so I’ll carry on with the subject

And yes, a master artist is not the neccesarily the most talented, but the most awarded.

I thought there was a flaw in my thread (a clear difference between a talented artist who is good at his/her work and a champion artist who is wideley recognized) but after some thought I decided that if art is good, it WILL be recognized and while my immediate reaction to arexma was disagreement (thinking of an artistic genius who is un-recognized by the community, i.e. Van Gogh who sold in his lifetime two paintings) but in this day and age, if you create something good and upload it somewhere (deviantart, here, 4chan even, wherever) then you WILL be recognized and all it takes is a striking enough piece of work.

This brings me on to another chapter in this discussion, Do you think that the internet has potentially accelerated the generation of brilliant artists?

Back when i was first playing with animation on an archaic program called Animation Master and I still hadn’t tasted the narcotic nectar of an internet connection, I was extremely proud of having made a worm with a working skeleton and a texture made on MSpaint. However, when I started looking at what other people (especially people my age) were churning out, I felt inadequate.
Very inadequate.
Now I’m making stuff I couldn’t have even dared dreamt of making before, and I’m still not happy.

I’d say what makes the champion blender artist is not the artist himself, but also the community, as arexma said.
But I would say it isn’t just as an audience, but as an actual supportive community.

Artists are always at danger of being so engrossed in their work that they become alienated to the outside world, (hence the stereotype artist) but here we can talk to other people like us and as well as receiving help from people more advanced than us, we also encourage those who are fresher to the scene, re-enforcing what we already know and developing maturity.

I remember @ndy.