what makes computer generated stuff so unrealistic

what makes computer generated stuff so unrealistic

who makes …?
… the artist.

EDIT: on topic: to much specular, to much saturation, bad lighting

humans …

For me, it is usually the following:

  1. Un-natural camera angles - If you want it to look real, set up the camera in a way that a real photographer would. Too often, the camera is placed in a wierd position / angle that is a dead give away.

  2. Bad lighting - nuff said

  3. Materials - Real world materials have grit and dirt and signs of wear and tear. CGI stuff is usually too clean

  4. Composition - The real world has many little bits of randomness that we don’t really notice. Because of our ability to use array modifiers and such, we tend to make stuff that is too perfect. Our minds quickly pick that up since real life isn’t that perfect.

I think it’s mostly because of low computing power that makes the need to use biased render engines.

EDIT: but depends on what kind of “unrealistic type” you refer to. If the look in the eyes of a character doesn’t seem real, that’s an artistical issue.

All of the above, but consider this – it isn’t that hard to use a real camera and film to create “unrealistic” images, a lot depends on what’s expected from "realism.’ All methods of recording or rendering visual information carry limitations that can interfere with the perception of imagery as “realistic,” it ain’t just computers.

In the end it’s the choices the image-maker makes, not the tools he/she uses.

For me, it’s always ground contact that seems fake. I don’t know how exactly, and it IS getting better with things like Ambient Occlusion, but for some reason it still never looks as if there’s realistic contact. :no:

-Bad lighting
-No AO
-Lack of SSS

Several other factors can make a CG render look fake, but then again photorealism isn’t the only goal for CG art for everyone nor should it be touted as the only possible CG art form.

The closer CG gets to photorealism, the more our brains pick out the little things which tell us that it’s not real.

So far, all that’s been mentioned is STATIC cg stuff being unrealistic. What about
CG STUFF + movement? Dialogue? Sound FX? Music? I could go on…
It gets very complex & deep. It’s not really what you SEE or HEAR, but how
your brain puts it all together. We really don’t study the psychology of film much.

So far about every attempt to achieve perfect realism of CG in motion when it comes to people have fallen into the uncanny valley. When it comes to creature CG in motion, if you want photorealism, you’ll need to make sure every creature has those very minute twitches, breathing, small movements that work like the creature it’s modeled after.