What makes you look at a post?

I’ve been wondering… why do you guys look at a Finished Project or WIP post? Also, what influences your decision to reply to a Finshed Project or WIP? I hope I don’t sound too much like a gestapo officer interrogating a prisoner… :wink:

if the topic interests me. like something complex is being modeled i would look at it and give my crits

If it’s something different and interesting I’ll probably check it out. If the title says something like ‘wine glass’ or ‘My Yafray Test’, then it’s highly unlikely I would look at it.

I hate topics with titles like “I have a question”, or “How does this look”, I don’t tend to have any interest in these topics either.

Oh, and I will only crit something if it doesn’t look like it has been critiqued in that area or if the artist doesn’t show any sign of realising the problem.

I will say well done if I think the artist deserves it and I don’t see anything wrong with the work.

Anything that has to do with naked paint smoking leprechauns from Plant X I’m sure to read.

Apparently, if Kansas_15 is the author, people will reply to it in droves.

in the off topic/news forums - it’s the heading that makes it. in the project’s forums that’s hardly the case - a more important question here is what makes me reply to a post , and that’s:

  1. good artwork (duh!)
  2. good links (preferbly with thumbnail, and in movies screens) - this is not really makes me post a reply but it incerasses the chance I’ll bother to see the artwork and thus reply.
  3. it’s my thread.
    in the Q&A it’s heading again. if a heading is “pleas help”, “problem!” or the wrost “HELP!!!111” I don’t even bother .

I usually look at all of them, but the ones with 0 replies seem to catch my eye. I’ll give crits to anyone if it has not already been pointed out.


Ones with the word “nudity” in the title. Except those which say “no nudity” of course.

It’s an interesting question really. Subliminally, we all choose to view/reply to topics on this forum based on certain filtering criteria. I guess that differs from person to person but probably most of us have a common set of filters that ensure certain posts always get enough attention.

Community gets pissed at Kansas => more posts.
Community appreciates work of @ndy, Basse, Venomgfx, shadowman to name a few => their posts get responses because of the rep they’ve built.

In off-topic, I’d say it’s more to do with how the specific subject matter appeals to the individual. That’s why religion, politics etc. tend to get veeeeery long threads because they’re subjects which most people think about or are really passionate about.

Like Laurifer, I’m also drawn to posts with 0 replies because I know what it feels like not to be heard and I try my hardest to never let anyone feel that way. Except those whinging n00bs, who want to know how to do every goddamn step. Naturally ;).

osxrules is right. People, in most “modern” societies, in America at least, are naturally drawn to certain words. Usually its when they have to do with sex and/or drugs. Admit it. You always make a second glance when you see SEX written on the top of some poster. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly apparently it’s words like that that tend to attract posters.

Yes, it is sad that we, as humans, are attracted to, and turned on by sex.

I’m thinking of having that part of my brain cut out, as it seems to be a prelevolent force in my life.

Sex is only to be a private thing between one and his wife or husband. Not some public activity that occurs before marriage as well.

i am new (my 2nd post [dont be disturbed by the counter on the left %| )] but it seems, as if there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more posts in the “finished objects” forum than in the wip-forum which is a shame i think :frowning:

I usually don’t reply to topics with lame titles like, “What makes you read a certain post?” or something simple and dumb like “Sex! Now that I have your attention…” because it just encourages more lameness. This one attracted a lot of posts so I read it anyway and replied, there you go.

Hahaha, how very true.

I read all posts.
And respond to the very obnoctius and ignorant ones. (not this one).
And to the ones who need help in a dark area of blender. Or might be interesting to tell a little story about. But most of the time I respond to show how damn interesting, intelligent and cultivated I am.

I only look at the title of a topic… I never read the replys… they’re always so pointless…

and I only go to certain forums… like Blender game engine, finished projects and off-topic Chat…

oh and I still like W.A.S.P. - My wicked heart(solo)

I tend to look at who posted it first. No offense to anyone, especially newbs out there, but I have been around for a long time and I know most of the dedicated Blender users on this forum. Those are the ones I will immediately look at and reply too, if I feel something needs to be said.

Not that I won’t look at other stuff. As others have said, it has to be a title that will get me interested to want to look at it in the first place.

I browse the Q&A forum looking for the posts that have 0 replies, as the others will typically have the proper response already posted.


if its in capital writing like its exploding into your mind and you just have to wonder what it is about or if its about sex that gets me instrested.

That’s more open-minded of you than I’d been given cause to believe, I didn’t know you thought homosexuality was ok, glad to see you’ve changed your mind.

I look at every single WIP, Finished, and Off-topic post there is whenever I log in. I just only reply to the ones that I think I can help out or give my 2 cents about.