What makes you open a thread?

The results might help us name our threads better

Only what I like and when it has five stars.

Something which invokes interest is always a good place to start (since its the first thing you do when looking at threads is read the title to see what its about), humor is a good way as well (but not overused) Also grammar and spelling is good to see, personally it puts me off if a thread’s title is lacking grammar with half the words spelt wrong. You tend to expect the first post in the thread to be headache material.

Also a high rating brings your eye to certain threads, as it marks quality and something potentially worth viewing.

The rep of a thread starter can come into it as well, but doesnt matter as much. If i see a thread from someone on here i know or like then theres a good chance ill read it regardless of the title or topic. In contrast if its a thread from someone who gets on my nerves ill probubly skip it.

Of course if the topic of the title interests the reader then its worth checking out, whereas something like ‘noob needs help’, or ‘help meeee!!!’ just makes me want to delete the thread if only i had those magical mod powers

And finally something not yet mentioned, the first few sentances of the thread, which can be viewed by hovering over the thread title in the forum section. Usually if im interested (even mildly) in a thread by its title then getting the preview popup and reading the first sentance will give a good idea of wheather its worth reading! As in report writing, its good to open with a strong ‘topic sentance’ which will draw the reader in. The same strongly applys here.

Wow, didnt mean my post to be so long :wink:

I just chose “A catchy title”, because, usually, I’ll open anything that sounds interesting. I didnt choose 5* because, while I love seeing the awesome work on here, I’ll also choose a thread with a name like “my frst chesss set plz crit”, which I can be pretty sure does not look great, because I love thee very Blender mentality of helping anyone and everyone get to know the software. :yes:

On some of my threads I purposely put catchy titles to attract people, for me though, I can open a thread when the title looks interesting and then there’s putting my cursor just off the title and seeing the first words of the post there.

I find it depends on which area of the forum I’m visiting. Off-topic chat is pretty much dependent on a catchy (and interesting and coherent) title and to a lesser extent the thread originator. WIP or Animation is totally different - it’s what I’m interested in or (kind of like padfoot7726 said) a thread to which I think I can contribute - can I maybe help somebody? I believe pretty strongly in “pay it forward”, which I interpret to mean that I’m obligated to help others learn in order to repay all the help and guidance that I’ve received over the years.

Doesn’t that mean that this thread does have a catchy title/:stuck_out_tongue:

In some ways, yes. Mainly because it sums up the whole thread in the title, and asks a question at the same time. And anyway its human nature to want to share your opinion and views with others, so that gets people into the thread. :wink:

:yes::D;) (nudity) ;):D:yes:
And “HELP!”

Yeah, why wasn’t “NSFW” an option? :wink: Just kidding, of course.

When I’m in browsing mode, i.e., just looking through the forums, I open threads that sound like they have useful info on something I want to be able to do but don’t yet know how to. I’m not very experienced with Blender yet, so I’m often looking to pick up new techniques and the like.

In theory all of the above - bar the last one - but in practice I sometimes don’t even open threads that fall into those categories; so im not entirely sure what makes me open a thread, I guess it also depends on the day, time, mood, etc.

The poster has shown the ability to make at least mildly interesting, coherent posts. And, the thread title catches my eye for some reason.


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