What matters most to you in life?


I would say my future

Then I discovered how F**cking hard 1st yr chemistry
at mcmaster is

I’m going to chuck in another vote for health. I have a chronic intestinal condition that doesn’t exactly lead to sunshine and puppies. I’ve had it for 7 years and I’ll probably be stuck with it for good. As a result I tend to be prone to extended bouts of depression (it’s a bit more complicated than this, but that’s the gist of it).

The net effect is that life isn’t exactly stellar as you’re always compensating for something, giving things up or struggling to do simple things. Even though I know this is kind of morbid, it helps somewhat to realise that there are people out there more screwed than me.

You haven’t been really sick apparently.

But I don’t blame you for not understanding. Most people on this forum are like 15 years old and thinking that they are invincible. Life is very precious. Take care of what you have. It could end and disappear any day.[/quote]

Ahem, theres a few conlusions you have leapt to there, which need examining.

  1. Most mentally ill people are all too aware of their condition. One of my best friends has bi-polar disorder, and she sure as hell knows about it. My cousin has ADHD and ODD, and he sure as hell knows it. Mental illness is not ignorance.

  2. When i was in highschool, i took nearly 6 months out due to glandular fever. While its not exactly the worst thing that can happen to me, i think its rude to assume that just because i havent been within an inch of my life that i cannot comprehend loss and illness.

  3. I do not think i’m invincible, and i’m not 15. Please dont patronize me, I have seen too many accidents, too much drug abuse to take my health for granted.

I’ll agree with these men, and be a little more specific if I may (and I likewise do not wish to offend anyone here!): What I value most is the Blood of Jesus Christ, shed for me on the cross at Golgotha for the remission of my sin.

Perhaps, at this moment, the hope that in the future I will find someone (you know, for wrestling and stuff)…
It keeps me going. Not giving up.

being alone sucks


Oh yeah, and not to forget my bad taste of humor.

That’s strange. One of the symptoms bi-polar illness is “Denial that anything is wrong.”

But then again I don´t believe everything I read.

Reading about ODD I seem to have that. By “often deliberately annoys people”. :smiley:

This is true, but only when she does not have it under control. When she is taking her medication for it, she knows and understands what is wrong.

The point i’m trying to make, is that i’d be selfish if i said the most important thing in life is me, my health, or lack there of.

BgDM is reppin’ it :smiley:

I say this as if I find myself pondering why I live.Our lives are, uhh, rather unimportant, in a broad since. If I died, whould it matter, really? No, to people, yeah, but they’d get over it, for the most part.

But, really, the meaning of life, weather you belive in God or not (I do), life is just about being happy. I don’t think there is any other reason. I challenge any one else to find another reason that nullifies this one (not in a smirk way, just asking).

Friends and relatives,
my health, my work
and remember to “Gather the rosebuds while we may” (Seize the day!)

I’d hate to live without the ability to access the great outdoors, whether by bicycle or on foot.

Keeps me sane, you see, having the knowledge that I can get and about and go mad in the wilds of Scotland.


my family matters the most

I wanna live with my faith and die a believer.

My family is also important, but in the end, I think it’s equally important to find someone to love and share your deepest feelings with. In the end, eventually we all separate to our ways and found new families.

What hippie said “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!”… Well I’d rather “Hush my enemies, see them driven to a football game and to see the women quiet down for a while.”

Love’s probably the most important thing in my life, though I don’t want to always love. It’s not that easy.
Faith is a thing that gives me strength when I am weak.

So there’s not really any single thing… Faith, Love, Family. Most especially my big brother, even though I don’t always aknowledge it.

Sheeps :smiley:

Besides life, peace, and family, etc…

It’s a certain state of mind. There is no word for it. It’s difficult to describe, but it is sort of the quality of seeing yourself as an actor in some kind of movie. The only audience is yourself, and every second, it seems, is both the end and begining credits. You immediately become silent and reflective, and for just one moment, you are certain that life really is a fantastic adventure that is just… about… to begin.

In other words… Your sex life. 8)

In other words… Your sex life. 8)[/quote]


I know the feeling you mean. My reaction to it is somewhat different though. It makes me realise that fundamentally, I have no connection to anything. It gives me a sense of freedom but also of being very much alone.

The very air I breathe. Pollution, toxins and all… :-?