What monitor aspect ratio do you use?

When making games, I think its important to know the aspect ratio you are making for.

Generally I would think 16:9 is becoming the norm, how many people however are using 4:3?

Please vote, it is helpful information IMO

Well personally all my monitors, and my friends are 16:9, so I picked 16:9.


I have a 16:9 (1280x800) and a 16:10(1920x1080).

I picked 16:9 because the 16:10 is close.

Me too! 16:9 (1366x768)
HD Gaming!:smiley:

I switched to 16:9 a while ago and now I can’t play my old games anymore. Infuriating.

I use 4:3 Blender standard. I try to keep it ratio independent.

1680x1050 = 16:10
you should have had that option in there

1680x1050 16:10 @ 22"

I didn’t realise 16:10 was such a common option, perhaps I should have had it in there.