What music are you listening right now?

Since it’s lockdown here. I can’t go outside, So I listen to music and I’m currently listening to 7!! - Lovers (Naruto Opening)
How about you?

I like that Opening of Naruto also, but I like this Op the most.

Flow - Sign

Currently listening to old Eminem songs during the lockdown. I think listening Lose Yourself is perfect when modelling.

Yes, listening to music during lockdown is a good idea but nourishing ourselves is also a prime. Try to take time on this, http://meditationforthemasses.com/why-meditating-is-essential-during-quarantine/.

Sure, I’ll read this after a break. Keep safe!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve heard so much about the benefits of meditation and I’m going to try to slowly get into it.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s new album.

what’s playing randomly in my ears right now is the first track of foxamore’s come find me album. absolutely one of my favorites.