what music do you listen to when blendering?

just wondering, what do you listen to when you’re blendering?
just finding something to listen when i’m blendering

Max cooper
He has lots of ≈1 hour long free mixes…
Just go on youtube and type in Max cooper, you might find ones like “Transitions” or “Loop topologies” (these are my favorites :slight_smile: )
It’s supposed to be electronica, but I think you can’t desribe it in one word, seems like lots of different styles to me…(mainly cuz it’s lots of songs :slight_smile: )

Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams: Lesson One.

Zelda dubstep :smiley:

To paraphrase Milt Kahl: My brain isn’t fit to animate and listen to music at the same time.

Richard Williams noticed his drawing/animating got better when he gave up listening to music while working.

I need absolute silence.

My favorite ever music is the one produced by Jupiter planet. Magnetic frequencies lowered in frequency and interpreted as sound. I would love to be able to hear some day Jupiter in live.

Is the only thing NASA released that I appreciate from them. Watch in youtube.

Melodic Death Metal XD! or 80’ Hard Rock. It’s relaxing in some way.

Recently Manowar. Before that Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Scorpions, Airbourne, Nightwish, Alice Cooper, Avantasia, The Answer, Rage, Gamma Ray, Green Day, Offspring, Whitesnake and Baron Rojo.

@Bao2, you listen Siniestro Total. I know it.

I listen to
Rush, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Airbourne, Krokus, Fair to Midland and lots more depending on my mood

But when I try animating without music my animation improves, but I can’t not listen to music sometimes, but if you do anything that you want to get the best quality from follow Richard Williams lesson 1

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Audio Commentaries on movie DVDs.

I listen to my massive music library, it contains anything from J-Pop to brutal death metal to soul, overall it’s a big mix of everything.

Vlogs mostly, but then I’ve just started blendering. :s

I like to listen to hardsyle but if I would have to use head phones then I usually just don’t listen to anything

from what i see, the most common one is metal?
and just to say, there is a difference between 0db sound and quite enviroment(which has air sounds), some work better in no sound enviroment, if you ask how can i go 0db? then try to play a music through a equalizer and then supress everything to lowest possible, but personally, i can’t handel no sound, it gives me an headache.
so what is your prefrerred silence if you’re a silence person?
no sound?
silence (closed room)
silence (open room)
silence (big room)

just to sya, there are not just one silence

whatever falls out of my Pandora shuffle. :slight_smile:

Most of the times I listen to Dubstep mixes in Youtube or Female Vocal/liquid dubstep but it all depends on the mood which I’m in or on what type of model I’m making.
But I also listen to hip hop songs while using blender.

I just am with Need for speed Most wanted (2005) OST

I recently realized that podcast work too, actually anything that stops my mind from wandering too much, which would be anything that has enough content to keep me slightly distracted… if that makes any sense, in essence I must be distracted to remain focused.