What music do you listen to?

(BlenderBob) #1

Sup, YO!

It’s me again after a long break of blender, booze :wink: , and UnderWater Hockey! :stuck_out_tongue: 8) :smiley:

I wanna know what type of music inspires/helps you blend.
Personally i listen to alot of Drums and Bass/house/ambiant type stuff. 8)

If you like something thats not on here, post me a msg cause i think i’v hit the max amount of choices. :smiley:

SINGLE CELL ORCHESRTA!!! (<-- my 2nd fav. band :smiley: )


(CubeFan973) #2

No pop music? Sorry, almost have been acting my age lately… pretty stupid for a smart 12 year-old…

I’ll listen to anything I can stand, meaning techno, pop, and classical. Oh, and… uh, well, hmm… (HITS SUBMIT BUTTON INSTANTLY!)

PS: I like MOVIES! That’s my f***ing problem/(gets headache)/I’m trapped in this dream/here’s looking at you kid/one day of Christmas is loathesome enough/the audience thinks the actors make it up as they go along/singin’ in the rain/I read it off a f***ing picture/nobody’s perfect/shut up and deal.

Sorry, quoting movies is a little hard!

(theeth) #3

this was a little off-topic don’t you think?



(darkbyrd) #4

arg! sucks to pick only one. both techno and euro-* are very high on my list, but I also like classic rock and any of it’s offspring (except for bubblegum teenybopper crap)

(VanPelt) #5

God save baroque!


(ectizen) #6



rock’n’roll as performed by japanese all-girl bands! Shonen Knife!!! Woo!!! :smiley: :smiley:

(haunt_house) #7

C64 game music




(Jolly Gnome) #8

industrial, EBM, goth rock, dark ambient, doom-, goth- and dark metal. Mainly :slight_smile:
Your list isn’t too exhaustive, but I did like the PORN GROOVE! part :smiley:

(pofo) #9

This might be the place to ask, is there a difference between rap and hip hop?
Someone told me rap was the music and hip hop the style, others tell me different.
I don’t like it anyway, I’m just a little curious.

Hmm… Metal from the 70s must almost start counting as oldies. I want polls where I can check multiple answers :wink:

  1. pofo

(Schlops) #10

Damn, I love to complain about missing options over at slashdot :wink:

Well, very rough categories. Mostly I love punkrock (the oldschool punkrock like Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols, Damned, New York Dolls…). I think you can call this “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Another great kind of music is Ska (Specials, Busters, Madness, Laurel Aitken,…). As Ska is the predecessor of Reggea this should go to “Ethnic”. Or “Latin”?. Then there is Classic. From time to time a little Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi or Rossini, mmmhhh. And what about Rockabilly (Meteors, Reverend Horton Heat, Rumble On The Beach, …), again R’n’R. I even have some Metal, from Judas Priest to Alboth and back (Other bands play, Manowar kill!! SCNR ;)). 80s Pop? Yeah, I like it. And Alternate: Pixies, Sisters, New Model Army, Ministry/Lard, Fantomas, … I think I vote “Alternate” cause most of what I told you so far(except Classic) fits in.

Kib, we need “Multiple Choice Polls”!!

BTW: Correct me if I’m wrong, but “New Age” and “New Wave” are two very different things. New Age is “spherical” music, while “New Wave” is the commercial version of punk.

Any bootleg/bastardpop fans around? I like it, you can find some really funny (and good!!) new mixes.

(BgDM) #11

I have a very broad range of musical taste. I can have Mozart, Tchaikovsky on at one moment, and then the next, pop in Metallica’s “And Justice for All” CD and crank up “One” until my ears bleed. I also love Jazz. Diana Krall is the most sexy, sultry jazz chick that I have ever heard.

The only genres I will not listen too are Rap and Country. They just plain suck, (Sorry, but they do).


(eeshlo) #12

I thought I was the only one, but Jolly Gnome sums up my tastes quite nicely, although I usually go for the very extreme ‘flavours’ of these. Plain real noise can sound like music to me too… I actually create ‘musick’ myself, but that is all very secret stuff that nobody knows about, or wants to know about…

(CubeFan973) #13

A problem with having more than one vote is that you can make your favorite whatever into the leader by repeatedly voting for it.

(Jolly Gnome) #14

Ah, noise was the one I missed :slight_smile:
I like it too, though I don’t listen to it that much. Also, a finnish band called “Keuhkot” (Lungs) is one of my favourites, and it doesn’t fit to any category. One description of his music: “but nothing, repeat nothing sounds much like Keuhkot, whose tunes often resemble the rantings of a fanatical despot being hassled at a kebab house by clowns masquerading as a noise band.” (from Chunklet magazine, the whole article: http://www.chunklet.com/current_issue_16_3.cfm)

(fullback) #15

I’ll listen to just about anything as long as a Didgeridoo is involved. :smiley: :smiley:

Don’t much like rap music or anything classical by Florence Foster Jenkins. If you are unaware of Florence’s work, or feel compelled to physically harm yourself by laughing uncontrollably, you should check her out.

(dwmitch) #16

You forgot BLUEGRASS! GYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH punches a hole in the wall and starts throwing objects

(Eric) #17

I listen to every kinds of metal. Except for powermetal, but that’s not metal, that’s pop. (and I ofcourse hate rap-metal) 8)

hmm, Heavymetal very much includes old judas priest and that is not very far away from rock & roll, so. MULTIBLE CHOICE POLLS PLEASE! :smiley:

(rogerm3d) #18

Argg!! Where the option for all kinds of music, except the bad ones? 8)
Overall I listen to everything except country and cheep hiphop/pop, whatever junk

(IngieBee) #19

Hey, my Cousin’s Son has a band going, and they play what they call “thrash”. He play’d his CD for me yesterday, and it was hard punk, funny. I liked it. As their music has been progressing (from older stuff to newer stuff) It gets better, more depth. Hey, maybe there is a future for music? Kids only 17 years old! (funny, he also wrote a bunch of melodic riffs-he’s a good guitarest). My Cousin wants him to go to college, but I’m sitting there saying, what the &^%$% does he need college for at this age, he should be chasing a dream. That’s what life is all about, and that kid’s got talent!

Of course the kid seems to live and breath music, that’s when you know you can’t stop it :wink:

he wasn’t too happy with me, hee hee hee 8)

He hee hee, Ingie

(Goo) #20

Not a single rap vote!

Praise the Lord!