What newer graphics cards for BGE

Below is an older list of Graphics cards that take advantage of GLSL , but that list is about 3 years old. My computer has some problems so I might need to get a new one. Just not sure about the newer graphics card for GLSL

  • ATI Radeon 9x00, Xx00, X1x00, HD2x00 and HD3x00 series and newer.
  • NVidia Geforce FX, 6x00, 7x00, 8x00, 9x00 and GTX 2x0 and newer.


Any new card will have GLSL support.

Moguri’s right - GLSL’s common on almost any graphics card that you’d want to get. I’d recommend getting either an ATI or NVIDIA card, though - not every card’s made for gaming. See what budget you have, and get a card accordingly. I recently got a Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 from NewEgg at a pretty good price.

Even an Intel HD 2000 (found in Sandy Bridge, released on Q1 of 2011) supports OpenGL 3.1 which supports GLSL 1.4x.
Of course they’re nowhere near as powerful as ATI or NVidia GPUs but they’re still okay.