What news of Interactive Mode?

…so - what’s going on? Is it here, is it not, will it ever be??

Any news?

what’s the interactive mode?

From https://code.blender.org/2013/06/blender-roadmap-2-7-2-8-and-beyond/

Blender Game Engine

With work being done on threaded drawing and updates, viewport (compositing) effects, unified physics, node based animation, and everything that”s currently real-time in Blender already, I also propose to refocus the current game engine to re-use much more of this work.

Or more radically worded: I propose to make the GE to become a real part of Blender code – to make it not separated anymore. This would make it more supported, more stable and (I”m sure) much more fun to work on as well.

Instead of calling it the “GE” we would just put Blender in “Interaction mode”. Topics to think of:

Integrate the concept of “Logic” in the animation system itself. Rule or behavior based animation is a great step forward for animation as well (like massive anims, or for extras).
Support of all Blender physics.
Optimizing speed for interactive playback will then also benefit regular 3d editing (and vice versa)
Singular Python API for logic scripting
Ensure good I/O integration with external game engines, similar to render engines.

What should then be dropped is the idea to make Blender have an embedded “true” game engine. We should acknowledge that we never managed to make something with the portability and quality of Unreal or Crysis… or even Unity3D. And Blender”s GPL license is not helping here much either.

On the positive side – I think that the main cool feature of our GE is that it was integrated with a 3D tool, to allow people to make 3D interaction for walkthroughs, for scientific sims, or game prototypes. If we bring back this (original) design focus for a GE, I think we still get something unique and cool, with seamless integration of realtime and “offline” 3D.

Ton Roosendaal
June 2013

The game engine got nuked due to maintenance burden

Interactive Mode is postponed. I think they are waiting for Everything Nodes project to solidify before moving forward or something like that.

Last i heard of it was this video : https://youtu.be/HQi2BqlQtnI?t=181

Is this Confirmed news?? :frowning:

Confirmed several times on Blender Today Live and, also, on Blender Conference 2019 Developer Q&A

GODDAMN! :frowning:

it will take many, many, many years

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Oh, you are being too pessimistic. I’ll bet it will only take many, many years. LOL

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Er - instead of anyone betting, if we could have a general date, even if that IS years in the future,…it would be Great, y’know…? Just to know they aren’t DROPPING it or anything…
Is there any way to convey this to the devs?

Out of curiosity, is there any other software which has anything like this? The “big apps” like Maya or whatever, or any “little ones” out there…?

There is neither a date nor concrete plans on how this is supposed to look like. That won’t change in the near future, regardless how often it is asked for.
If you want interactivity right now choose any of the available Game engines/ frameworks out there. Big or small.

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I agree, Blender has to focus just for easy of use and solid DCC app and for interactivity there are lot of engines and they focus especially for those. Waste of resources. Blender should improve critical features like more advanced UV mapping, animation, material painting and lot of other features that make Blender fast and comfy.

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Well as far as I know there is a developer on it. Benoit is the name iirc.
I’m sure it’ll be nice and all but as I understood it isn’t exactly going to be a new game engine. Everything’s a bit vague yet, but options are there. So no need to hurry.

Interactive mode naming should actually be just used to make blender very productively easy to use, currently there are quite lot of features that could work with less messing.

Any updates on Interactive Mode?

It is very, very low priority due to to the glut of fantastic open source real-time graphics and game engines available, I would guess. If you’re holding your breath for it, I probably wouldn’t.

Just use Godot if you want a completely free and open source game engine (ie. no royalties, no paid tiers, no special premium support channels, and no limitations).

A bonus, using Godot requires less than half a gigabyte of hard-drive space and is generally light on hardware.