What??!! No disc object???

Hello. I was busy modeling something and then, to my surprise, I realized that Blender did not have a ‘disc object’ like C4D for example. A disc object is like a plane mesh, but then it’s round. :wink:

I need it to intersect within a sphere.
I can try using a circle but I cannot make that into a solid.

Can somebody help me? I am using 2.37 but I suspect later versions still do not have my desired ‘disc object’. I think this is a real omission!

Why can’t you make a circle into a solid? Just make a circle, select all verts and hit Shift F.

Perhaps you can use a cylinder and scale only its height to be less
of the original primitive.

or to get a tweakable circle shaped mesh, you can make a cube, in edit mode select all, subdivide it twice, click to sphere button and delete
lower half of vertices, scale it flatter some, and scale it to look flat gain.
It will not be absolutely flat but, well should not make a difference.

The “Circle” primitive is verts and edges, with no faces.

There are two ways to give it faces:

  1. Shift+F
  2. E -> Only Edges, Esc, Alt+M -> At Centre
    Personally I prefer the second one.

The limitation comes from blender’s core only allowing tris and quads. Anything else must be broken down into these when it is modelled.

just make circle ,select all xerts, extrude then and scale then down.

Man, did you know how many f*****g hours I spent, first making edges and then making faces with “f” when there were more then 4 vertices???!! Just because I didn’t know this shift-F?!


I found a different approach. I found that ‘Bezier Circle’ makes a solid circle, no shift-f needed. When converted this to a Mesh I got the equivalent of the desired 'disc object.

Thanks for your input.


PS. Man, I can’t believe how many posts are made here in one day! Just this morning this thread was on the previous page. :wink: