What nodes/values between Random Per Island & ImgTex: Vector to make image randomly flip/not flip?

Guys, I am having a hell of time trying to figure this one out… What nodes and values would I put between Random Per Island & ImageTexture: Vector to make an image randomly flip or not flip, per island? Please help! Pretty please! : - )

This maps the random value to either -1 or 1 which you can then multiply by an axis to invert it.

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Brain fail. You can delete that first multiply node and set the floor node to round.

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YES!! Thanks so much!! Especially answering so fast! Yowza, you rock! : - )

Crap, what if I wanted to do this on every frame? Is there a node that I could animate values somewhere in this setup and have that happen easily? I hate to ask for more, but I forgot to mention this feature of shader that is really needed too…

Add a random value per frame to the random island value and then apply % 1 so it stays in range.

Like this:
random_flip_uv_coords.blend (840.4 KB)

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Nice! Thanks again i_p!