what notebook for blender and video editing?

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I’m goin to buy a new ( my first ) notebook.

As I am a video editor I want to be able to run AVID XPRESS DV 3.5.
And naturally I want run Blender at the best.

Also, my budget is about 2k euros less or (not) more.

I looked at vaio fx 804 but I am uncertain about that poor 8 Mg of video sdram on the card. They talk about 3d acceleration but don’t explain it in deep.

Someone can help me?

thanks Andrea

(slikdigit) #2

I’m using a clevo/promedian/you can find it with a bunch of other names 5600. Mine has a radeon 7500 w/64 megs , nowadays they have radeon9000.
You can pick screen/hd/processor/memory to get it under 2k (I paid slightly more, but I have uxga screen, fastest (at the time) processor, and a gig of ram)
It now has a 5400 rpm drive. I’d recommend that over the 60gig drive.
here’s a link:

(klepow) #3

I recommend the Apple Macintosh G4/667. All the software you mentioned is available on the mac. You would also have the option of Final Cut. Having done non linear editing on both Windows and Mac I have observed rendering times to be about ten times faster on the Mac.

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I have a VAIO SR33K (Celeron 600, S3 Savage 8Mb, 128Mb RAM). All my pictures maked with this notebook (my gallery: http://render.hu/galery.csn?alselect=194).
I think, do not buy a notebook with S3 videocard… Not bad, but its openGL features is buggy…

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I am using a Dell notebook to run Blender on and am very happy with it. It also has a built in firewire port and editing video is a snap. Remember to get a notebook with a nice big screen and high resolution.

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I just configured a Dell Inspiron 2650 at dell.com

Mobile P4 @ 1.7GHz
15.0 inch XGA display
128 MB 200MHZ RAM (reason below)
40 GB HDD (5400 rpm)
24X CD-RW & DVD combo drive
32MB NVIDIA GeForce2 Go
Standard Movie Studio Bundle for Windows® XP (don’t know if this is neccessary, -$99 if not)
56K Modem and Network card
WinXP Home (Pro. is an additional $79)

$1,545.00 USD- I’m not sure how much international shipping would be, but it’s FREE SHIPPING for this weekend.

I only got 128MB of memory becaues it’s FREAKING EXPENSIVE to get even 256 from dell. if you go to crucial.com and look up the Dell Inspiron 2650, an additional 256MB is $99.99 (it’s $125 from Dell’s customization page). You can also buy laptop harddrives from newegg.com (and the memory also to save shipping).

Shop around, read reviews.

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This is the best Tablet PC that I’ve found. Also one of the cheapest for some reason. http://www.compaq.com/products/tabletpc/tc1000.html