What now for 2.35?

It is the physics. I heard Solid 3.5 (or whatever the version is) was not very compatible with Blender, and there would be problems (especially speed).

Once again, I ask for the ability to use dynamics in vanilla anims, and that the autokeyframing be easier to acces. (Why should I have to go into my user prefs toturn on autokey? In max, its a button at the bottom of the screen. Oh, and it would be nice to have a button for universall autokey, i.e. it autokeys everything.)


blender should be able to render one frame in a render farm. (cos 10 hours for a single frame its a bit to much)

that would be nice using only .wav files makes the file very big
and is nearly impossible to use music if one song adds 10 - 20 MB

  1. what about .midi files?

  2. what about multiple cameras in one window at the same time?

yeah would be great :slight_smile:

already tested an experimental one though :wink:
not sure it will go through to a full release…just a testpatch…

Blender has some neat options for entering text however it could use some improvement in a couple of areas.

Tab to change text boxes:

I would like to have the Tab function implemented for text boxes
so that when you’re typing exact values you just hit Tab to enter/go to the next box, and shift+tab to go back, instead of having to reach for the mouse and shift+click on each box. Consider the Particles panel which has 1… 2… 3… 25 text boxes.

This would speed the workflow a bit because you could enter all your values at once without stopping.

Full Clipboard functionality:

It would be nice to be able to cut or copy text from outside of Blender and paste it into any text area in Blender.

Are there allready options for these that I’ve missed?

Indeed 8)

Could we know more about this? It sounds very interesting because currently the gloom applies to all objects, while I’d rather apply it (I think) to metallic and or light emitting objects, if possible…

Please tell me you’re just a few minutes away from releasing this tutorial ;o)

Eh, maybe tomorrow if I can find a few mins, I’m off!

As a quick hint, it involves using the ‘only boost’ option in the sequencer and compositing with Add effects.

I can’t wait for the tutorial: my first go with Sequencer was less than a month ago (use of the Z-blur plugin) and my second a couple hours before my previous post (test of the glow effect on a yet-another-metallic-suzanne-on-a-plane). So ‘Only boost’ et al. are not yet much meaningful to me :wink:

But I’m discovering that Sequencing DOES helps for still images, while I always thought until know (and I use Blender for statics since v1.68 :expressionless: ) it was only for making transitions between sequences of an animation.

Too long have I kept my skills in a limited field %| I’ll try to impove now, not only in modeling, lighting and texturing, but also in sequencing and animating… :slight_smile:

realtime armature deformation in the game engine

so you can hit ,shoot,touch the deformed part and it will know it

hhhmmm i got a couple.
1: fix the bug in the game engine when u get a cube with bounds of a cube on the floor, it will jiter about.
2: faster game engine as jd said.
3: ik bones in the game engine(when you can drag one bone and it moves over’s with it.)
4: u can change the bounds sphere thats around realtime objects, suchas change the x,y positions of the cube, to make it rectangle etc.
5: realtime text, when u add text it doesnt show in the game ngine(at least not for me)
thats about them right now, thanks ffor the time if u read this.

5: realtime text, when u add text it doesnt show in the game ngine(at least not for me)

when you press space and add text?

if so press Alt+C and click convert to curve
then press Alt+C again and click convert to mesh

if you are using a plane and a texture i dont know why it doesnt show

Here’s my wishes for Blender 2.35:

  1. Increased Character-Animation features such as:
  • Auto IK
  • Pinning
  • All-mode poser (stop-motion-animation/keyframe-a-pose)
  • Visible skinner (possible to ajust envelopes realtime)
  • Controllers (for creating Hand-movements etc).
  1. Real GI in the Blender-Internal renderer (It’s an amazing renderer!)
  • Caustics
  • SSS (Sub Scattering Surfaces) (Aka - real translucensy)
  • Better lights & better shadow handling/sampling.
  1. Improved materials & uv-handling on simple UV’s like Cube/Sphere
  • Visible guide when “real-time-adjusting-UV’s” a-bounding box that
    follows the x/y/z coordinate-tuning.
  • Reflections with “Focus”/Depth/frosting etc.
  • Alpha with traceable shadows that also work with Ambient Occlusion
    (for now…it also shades the invisible areas of the Alpha layer with AC)
  1. All blender materials to match Yafray’s materials or at LEAST auto-
    switch in the material-menu when switching to Yafray. (only display
    compatible shaders!)

  2. Even further improvements on the refraction/reflection/transparency
    anti-aliasing - still not satisfactory for “superb” glass/light…this needs
    to be HONED to perfection if it’s to be used in commercials.

  3. Filters! It should be possible to render to catmull-rom/area/Blackmann etc.

  4. Exposure attenuator/manual/ramp-control for final renders.

  5. Bug fixes above everything else, what makes Blender a GEM to me
    is that it hardly crashes and it works for hours…one of the number one
    reasons I switched to Blender.

  6. Did I mention bug fixes?

Finally I “officially” bow for the coders behind all Blender versions, you
guys are the BEST. (no - I don’t just write that to suck up…hehe) it’s
true - you have proven skills that not even the big companies can
live up to (I left my commercial program for BLENDER even though
I’ve bought the expensive “crap” software that broke down all the time)
Now it’s actually FUN to do 3d…and I even got a commercial full-time
job creating commercial-ad’s with Blender. Thanks!!!

Right now the Ad’s I’ve made for my company with Blender has spun
the administration into wanting “animated-commercials”.

Well…I’ve spent a fair amount on animating in 3dstudio max before
blender (with character studio) so I’m kind of a spoiled-brat if you

Blender has it’s weaknesses and it’s strenghts…now…I wish for
version 2.35 to include some fixes & improvements that makes it
possible for me (and others) to create animated movies without
using several years just for a small short…

Please consider the suggestion list (wish 1.) above and please please
pretty please improve on those areas…and Blender will actually
be useful to even that as well.

You guys heeded our pleas and made Blender useable for
commercial work …improved rendering quality made that
possible (thanks!!!) …

And if it could be used (with ease) to create small 10-20 second
commercials…wow…a dream come true.

yeah would be great :slight_smile:

already tested an experimental one though :wink:
not sure it will go through to a full release…just a testpatch…[/quote]
That would be real nice indeed, about suggestions and fixes one of the errors you get when you do something that can’t be done in UV mode has a double negative and smooth puts in 2 undo steps. Plus the game engine needs major improvement as well.

autoik ?

and pinning… I suppose you don’t mean world space joint pining…But the recently done nla bone pinning for matching the positions between two actions…

You already can. I think it’s shift+c, shift+v, shift+x, or ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+x.


Why so complex for such a simple operation?, can’t they just use ctrl c for it?

ctrl-c and ctrl-v copy and paste in the text window, but it doesn’t use the os clipboard, it uses it’s own, ctrl m converts the text file to a text object

shift-ctrl-c copys to the os’s clipboard and shift-ctrl-v pastes from it

You already can. I think it’s shift+c, shift+v, shift+x, or ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+x.


but it is only for Windows, no other platform, that’s what I have heard :slight_smile:

doesn’t work for linux though :-?

How hard would it be to simplify the clipboard functions?
And to implement them for all supported OSs?

Is the “tab to step through text boxes” function feasable?

I know these things are kind of mundane but it would make entering and editing stuff faster.