what on earth does elYsiun mean?

ok here goes:

  • Greek Mythology. The Elysian Fields.
  • A place or condition of ideal happiness.
  • Hence, any delightful place.
  • a heavenly place–preaceful and beautiful–where those who are favored by the gods can go when they die.
  • A dwelling place assigned to happy souls after death; the seat of future happiness; Paradise.

Jude Aakjaer and I chose the name because it basicly means ‘paradise’, and we thought it was cool :slight_smile:


It’s spelled in probably more than 15 ways,… elysium and elysian are the most common, but elYsiun is what we used because the .com was still available :slight_smile:

cool! Didn’t know! I’ve wondered about this actually!

Cool, tnx. I think that there very few people how know that. Perhaps you (you great admins from elYsiun) should place an “alt=What_elYsiun_means” at your “bg_title2” or even a link to an explanation.

Haven’t you all seen the great movie “Gladiator”? :o In this movie are a lot of references to Elysium. It is mentioned at the beginning just before the battle in Germania starts. And at the end Maximus enters Elysium.

nice info to know :stuck_out_tongue:

The Elysiuns were some very interesting people. They didn’t fear death and so the Romans feared them. Worth reading up on if you’re not familiar.

haha you’re immediately one of my favourite elYsiun users,… seeing as you have a link to notmilk in your sig.! :slight_smile:

it basicly means ‘paradise’,

But the forum colors are the hell …:wink:

the spelling threw me off, i didn’t know there were so many different spellings for that form of afterlife.

i was wondering that…thanks

it might be nice to change the background to a golden field or somthing

That doesn’t seems nesesary, Blenderartist is on it’s way right?

So elysiun and elysium are the same thing? I wondered about that. I hear and see elysium from time to time (I lived on elysium street for a short time) but didn’t know they were the same.

I thought it was illusion spelt in it’s own special way… It fits well, the illusion of computer generated graphics.

it might be nice to change the background to a golden field or somthing

I think it would be cool to have a competition for a new elysiun background/header thingy.

I honestly looked up elysiun on a spanish tranlator, and spanish dictionary, before I saw this thread.

I got thrown off, because the logo looks like:


How in the world do you pronouce that?(elYsiun)

In English:
Either è-leejun (think French as in très) or
ee-leejun. As in legion but without the soft t-sound in the g.