what on earth? my mesh falls through the skeleton when i animate it

roll up, roll up, come and see the man who falls through his own skeleton? is he in pain, possibly, can we make profit from this? definitely.

on a serious note, this is a very strange issue and i just can’t seem to find any explanation for why it’s happening, i have set up a simple animation where my character lifts his had, and then puts his hand down, this is all happening over 50 frames of action.

now the strange thing is, when i start to animate the mesh, my frame rate sky rockets for a few seconds, followed by the mesh of my character falling through the model, could anybody begin to describe why this is happening, could it be down to any of the modifiers and I’ve just made a very stupid mistake.

thanks, and i hope somebody might be able to point out what I’ve done wrong - Laggythemedic

rabbit ears blender.blend (1.67 MB)

The objects have a cloth simulation added to them, delete it for each object