What online store is the best for selling assets?


I am interested in selling my assets online. I am wondering which asset store is the easiest to store and gives the best rates to the seller. I looked at Turbosquid but it seems lake their take back is very high.

I am interested in selling high res rigged/textured models.

I can take Paypal for pays. It should support Paypal at least.

Any recommendations ?

Turbosquid is terrible. You have to categorize your assets every day new otherwise your assets wont show up anywhere.

How about Blender Market? www.blendermarket.com
I know nothing about their payout system though…
Have used them in the past, nothing short of awesome.


Thanks for the reply. I am ruling out Turbosquid since it does not look like an attractive oppportunity, plus if you sell there you cant sell it somewhere else.

I thought about Blenderm Market,but it is reach is much more limited as of now. However it does not look like they lock you in, so that is good.

Any other recommendations?

Blender Market is nice. Sketchfab is cool. Turbo Squid is wonky, I don’t like it.

According to their FAQ, cgtrader accepts Paypal:

Rates: https://help.cgtrader.com/en/articles/1498408-how-much-royalties-do-i-get-from-my-sales

Turbosquid is fairly terrible. I’ve sold a few things through it and only get about 25% of the money.

If your models can be made game-ready, there are the Unreal and Unity stores.

For the unity3d store you need a portfolio they can access on the internet. CGTrader requires a photograph of your citizenship ID card for payments. They are not an American company. Turbosquid has a bad reputation, but I can’t find anything better. Stay away from the squid guild I hear. Sketch fab cost money plus you need a portfolio for the sketchfab team to review. Sketchfab is a really good one, but I never used it.

I think the best place is the unreal and unity asset stores. For the unity and unreal asset store the model is reviewed and inspected by the 3d team of the game engine. This makes the asset store trusted source for stock models.

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So I assume they do not use Paypal? Why on earth I would send my ID to some online seller that I might do occasional business. Weird.

Their online page does not mention about an ID

How does your payment system work?

Selling: Getting paid

Once your model is sold, you get your money directly to your PayPal, Payoneer or Webmoney account that you had to indicate, while creating your personal account on CGTrader. Yes, your money can be sent to your bank account via wire transfer. Please note that the payments for your sales are issued by the 20th of the following month. I.e. payment for your January sales will be made in February.

In order to get your money from them, you have to fill out the payment agreement form. Part of the payment agreement form is your ID card.

Do you have a link to that information? Is this something you can see only if you start selling with them? If so that is a bit of a shitty behavior. to be honest.


It’s true they don’t tell you these things. Just like the analytics program. They don’t let you know your models are locked for 1 full year. Cannot opt out of analytics after you agree. These type of things have to be checked out before doing business.

I think their problem is the laws of their governing country.

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Thanks that is very helpful I wont go for CGTrader as far as I can see.

from what I can tell, they might all require picture ID. I seen it on turbosquid.

I’ve decided to give cgtrader a try. Even if they might ask for my id number. The law requires they report taxes.


Let us know how it goes please.

Today I changed my mind. I am not going to make a payment agreement with cgtrader. This is because cgtrader is not a US company. I’ve decided that I best stay with only US companies. This is because US protection.

Another place to look at is the Artstation marketplace. I’ve bought a few things through it, mostly sculpting alphas, but it seems pretty active and since it’s part of Artstation, has a lot of potential customers.

I will join in to recommend game market places. If it is not even your main outlet, you’d be missing out of sales if you don’t at least include them. More work, but it I think would pay off.

However… I have never done this kind of thing. So this is merely a suggestion from the point of view that I do occasionally shop on these markets.