what operating system do you use?

What is the latest ratio of operating systems among blender users?

win 98, yeah I know.

Yeah you know what? That’s what’s on the dark side of my box. :slight_smile:

I use Windows XP, and I’m not proud of it…

Gotta love the new Microsoft keyboard though, all the buttons you’ll ever need:

I’m running XP but i’d love to use linux. I’m getting a second hard drive because my current one is full and i’ll partition the 2nd one for linux.

LMAO!!! this is so tru for my computer!!!

All of my blender work is done on one of two linux workstations (slackware and gentoo, for those curious).

I have a windows box or two floating about, but that’s mostly for games (and recently, I haven’t had a lot of time for those, so I hardly ever touch those machines).

This certainly won’t be the latest, but…

Windows XP was the single most useless buy of my life… I built my own PC, and got XP for it, and then the next day got a copy of mandrake and red hat with a magazine; I’ve never looked back, and XP barely left the shrink wrap. Now I play with any distro I can get my hands on.

Wasn’t a big step though, since we use UNIX at uni.

currently i am using winMe, cuz my modem doesn’t work with linux. my hd is to small for an effective partition, so i am waiting till i get my new pc. ( in about one month or so )

Using XP here. I know I know. Microsoft is evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use XP Pro, :smiley: which I find stable and reliable, I used Linsux, for 3 years :o :frowning: , then went back to Windows :smiley: .

I have played with Mandross 9.2 :-? , redfat 9 :x , Useless!

I for one will not be going back to Linocks, and will be staying with Windows, it works.


WinXP Pro. Right now I’m testing Cinelerra with Knoppix, if it works I’ll install Fedora Core.

you imply I only use one os

let’s see here
home (main machine)
98 SE (tricked out with functional Crash button)
SuSE 8.2 professional (everything you would ever need, if you can live without working 3d drivers [still trying to get blender to run on ati ones])

other machines (some mixed oses)
Mandrake 8.2
mandrake 8.2 download
mandrake 8.1
knoppix (3.2 cd)
knoppix (3.3 cd)
windows 95b (it is a laptop)
a japanese redhat 6.4 deravitive derivative (ps2 linux)

where I work:
windows xp professional
windows 2k server (mosty remote login, but I am in there sometimes. It is a nice cold loud server room)
windows xp/2003 server (barely)
windows 98
windows 95
knoppix 3.3 (installed on a removable hard drive)
mac os 9.1
mac os x (10.1 iirc, can’t put wings 3d on those systems …)

… I don’t really run windows 3.1.1 anymore (the hard disk on that machine died), and have no reason for dos.

I voted for Linux since I use Blender in Linux most of the time, but I also use FreeBSD and in fact have more boxes running FreeBSD than Linux.

I’m currently running Windows 2000, but I’m going to try to set up a dual boot with Linux sometime soon.

must use the one that shall not be named at works (2000 flavour), but at home, i have 2 box with Os X, the ones loaded with 9.1 being still in the box till last house move.

To be more deeply cursed, my work implies using autocrade

i am using the best OS in the world.

its called Windows XP. its very reliable, and easy to fix errors if they go wrong, easily navigatable, and an all round good OS.

i havea dual boot to mandrake 9.1 but i never use mandrake 9.1 because of many reasons including linux not supporting 5.1 channel audio out of the box

so i have decided to wait untill linux is up to spec with my hardware.

i am not gonna have a computer that is not using the hardware i bought becasuethe OS “cannot handle” what i have there


Gentoo Linux here :smiley:

Using Win98…Sigh!

Waiting for the new PPC AmigaOne…Well the hardware is finished …now its Amiga OS4 …coming soon.

Look here —>http://amigaworld.net/modules/news/

Bob C.