What OS does blender run best on

Im thinking in buying a new comp, and think that some of you guys might know a whole lot more than me about computers and can help me. I just want to know which would be best, windows or Mac OS running on intel or PowerPC ( i mean for use in blender, i dont really care about other apps).

and last of all, does it make a significant difference? how?
Thanks beforehand

PD (my first post on this forum ) :smiley:

oops, many options got erased, well, i just care about windows, powerbook g4 or mac book pro

the correct answer is:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core with Linux

but you don’t seem to have that up there.

Of course you know that this poll will turn into a “What system do you own” because most people probably don’t have experience on more than one O/S. I can’t answer the question because I have only ever used Windows.


from my experience, it will run slower on windows than on other os’s, I have no clue how well it will run on mac. Oh, and is the P4 Hyperthreaded?

Using it on a Mac is painful. The mouse experience is terrible. In every other platform, Right-Click is for selecting an object, on the friggin Mac, you have to Cmd+Left-Click. That is an enormous pain in the ass when I am used to using Alt+Click for other reasons on every othe platform. The part that makes it worse is that the RMB on my mac is set for the Crtl+Click combination for use in the MacOSX operations.

Just to clear things up, the Mac is a Dual 2.0Ghz G5, and my preferred machine at home is my Athlon 2600+ running Ubuntu. And the really incredible thing is that rendering on this G5 isn’t noticeably faster than my lin box.

I vote for Linux on AMD!!!

Umm, remove those proprietary mouse drivers (intellimouse?) and let OS X recognize your RMB and MMB clicks as what they are. Magically, blender works fine now!

Also, you don’t need to map RMB -> CMD-Click because the actions are essentially equivalent.

Also, the rendering issue seems about par for the course with my experiences with G5s. Vastly overrated performance in the real world.

Umm, remove those proprietary mouse drivers (intellimouse?) and let OS X recognize your RMB and MMB clicks as what they are. Magically, blender works fine now!

Are you kidding me?! Does that really work? Man, I have been banging my head on that one for a while now. I had no idea the fix was that easy!

I do still prefer my Athlon tho. :wink:

Sorry I don’t know about Macs or the New Intel macs but here’s a test AMD VS Intel Dual Core.

Over all from what I’ve read on various reviews, the Dual Core Amd 64 seems to be the front runner.

Linux vs Windows seems to be too close to call but it’d be nice to hear from someone with experience with the two and blender.

p4 3.0 ht is faster than my 1.8 g5. new core duo macs are 2-3 times faster than my g5. athlon X2’s are the way to go right now. Either way you go, get LOTS of RAM.

AMD Athlon64 X2’s are nice, I should know, I have one. and my 2.0ghz will 75% faster than a 3.0 ghz P4 w/ Hyperthreading. besides, if youre worried about spending money, you can build an Athlon64 X2 machine for $700-800. as oposed to $1300 for an iMac.