What other art mediums do you enjoy besides 3D?

Just wondering what other outlets you may have for your artistic expression. What styles and generas interest you the most?
Got a portfolio online?

drawing, painting, mud restling and other types of visual arts.

who says i do? :smiley: i like drawing and painting

mud restling.
Cool. To watch or participate in?

Do you guys have links to your work online?

Drawing, painting, sculpting, scrimshaw ( ivory carving ), flint napping, ( making of stone tools ) special effects, various musical instruments, and martial arts, mostly soft styles. ( meaning I’m more likely to throw someone into a wall than punch them in the nose. :wink: )

I’d really like drawing if I was any good at it. I can only draw enough to create some basic concept scetches, nothing artistic really. Any hints on where to start learning? :wink:

clay sculpting, photography… when the overlords allow me time off from my duties, and when I do create something they can be harsh critics.

Occasionally I draw, or I write (mostly creative writing, fantasy/sci-fi stuff)

Another big creative outlet for me is actually programming. I know, kind of using the other half of the brain, but there is a surprising amount of creativity needed in programming at times. Lately my programming has been oriented to a mud I am working on, either coding the complex stuff, or working on areas/rooms and what not when I want to take a break.


i love the movies
the only thing i am familiar with in the word draw is “bezier” haha
i like painting…my specialty is finger painting, but i like impressionism