What other forums are you part of?

Like the question says, what other forums are you part of? I’m looking to join more forums with great community like here :slight_smile:

Preferably to do with programming, web design, web development, start ups, mobile app development

Woot? Are you trying to say that there is other forums too ? Gosh!


I used to frequent a lot of forums, with favourites being CGTalk and RetroGamer, but over time they got so hostile you said “good morning” and the response was pretty much “f*** off”. This one is fine and I am happy to stay here as its quite friendly and helpful, but I also check in on GameDev once in a while. Due to the nature of programming and maths(usually conclusive given the variables) you can find yourself being corrected over the littlest of things, but usually the community is only trying to help you out in a problem solving way, and not upset you.

Programming is fun once you know your language-of-choice well and have a bit of software development knowledge behind you. If you are constantly fighting your language and just slapping your code together willy-nilly, then making any kind of program will be a miserable affair. Think of it as your familiarity with Blender, and then knowing how to plan and implement your projects.

Haha yeah I got to say blenderartists is one of the best forums I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to be part of its community.

Right now I’m not doing much of 3D art but moved to the web and app/web development/design and startups.