What parts for a decent render-computer?

I’ve been using Blender for 1-2 years, and some of my animations are starting to require more samples, which as you all know increases render time. My computer is a gaming computer which has several parts that are emitting red light when it’s on, 3 fans that make more sound than a vacuum cleaner, and I have my setup in my bedroom, so using that to render at night is useless. It isn’t the best computer for rendering either, since it’s built for gaming. I need a fairly decent computer with a water cooler, it doesn’t have to be that fast, and I already have a harddrive. I’m not an expert at computers, so I would really appreciate some tips on what parts I could use to build it. So a decent computer with water cooler (so I can sleep while it’s rendering :P) and the other parts except a harddrive. I would like to keep it under 5K, but if that is hard I can save up a bit and pay a max of 8K (I’m only 15 hence why I try to keep the price as low as possible).

The lights can be disabled most of the time or simply plugged out, when is the last time you cleaned your case? I have an nzxt phantom with some decent sized fans and a large one and it barely makes any noise, i hooked up the leds to one of the unused fan controllers. Even a liquid cooled PC will make quite a bit of noise if not cleaned because of the fans blowing over the radiator.

For cycles, you will need to take a look at GPU’s (your PC is set up for GPU rendering, right? )

You need to post your full specs, download ‘cpu-z’ and post your GPU, Ram and CPU specs (PSU as well, your current one might be inadequate if you choose to upgrade)

will my pc is so low and it lag,s every time i render in cycle, so how can i know if my pc supporting GPU or CPU

$5k in what currency? If thats $5k USD, you can get a great computer. Dual GTX 1080s, 8 core i7, 32gb ram, water cooled set up, the works. if thats 5k rupees or something else, u need to keep saving lol

Forgot to say that, 5k in sek (swedish currency) which is about 500$

Oh lol I thought CPU rendering was better so it’s set up for CPU XD better switch that then I suppose

Hi, we need more info about your computer maybe it is only your GPU make noise.Cheers, mib

What is your current setup?

Generally a GTX cards are a good choice, though I love AMD, but currently performance is crowning on Nivida GTX cards.

The 1070 and 1080 are not currently supported, so if you need a card now, get the gtx 980 4GB or gtx 980ti 6GB. not as power efficient, but they are also cheaper (or soon to be)

Alarm bells just went off here!!!

the Nvidea GTX 1070 is not currently supported?
I just bought one of those.

Help please…(Why, when will it be, what now???)

If you haven’t found a solution yet, have a look here, Rudolf:

Maybe that helps.

To my understanding, support is planed for September, when Nvidia releases the CUDA compiler for Pascal GPUs.

Till then there are hacks that allow you to run it, but not at full speed. This happens with each Nvidia release. Had similar issue with GTX 680. Took a bit of time before that was properly supported. (Still in my system until OpenCL gets better implementation)

Thanks, I hope I get that once I get the parts and finished my first pc build.