What player to playback .avis with for smooth repeats?

I have my first animation made with blender (it’s a jpeg avi) and I am playing it back in Windows Media Player set to repeat. It is an object constrained to a Bezier circle. At the default 100 frames for the path, I render a 4 sec jpeg avi set at 25fps. When I repeat playback in Media Player, there is a little hiccup when it starts over. I used an IPO speed curve to run frames 85-115 (starts loop over at 101) so as to have the start point crossed over in the middle of the avi. All is fine, it is smooth. So it seems there is something about the playback of Media Player that is causing the hiccup.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Is this common? I tried more frames for each rev of path, but it still hiccups at the repeat point. Is there a player more suited for looping playback? Is it the file type (avi jpg)?

what’s wrong with blender’s sequence player?

blender -a sequence.avi

[but yeah, normal media players will not work well]

What’s wrong with it is that it lacks the ability to tell me it exists. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks z3r0, I had no idea. I’m gonna check it out.

(This may seem wierd since I am posting this so much later, but I just got around to this again. :slight_smile: )

blender -a myavi.avi

This doesn’t work well. It’s a little jerky and flickers the entire animation. Media Player just gives me a quick little hesitation at the loop point.