What Plug-ins for Grass and Fluids?

Hey guys,

I am looking to buy some plug-ins to help with nature scenes. Should I go Graswald or Grass Essentials? Also, I want to do more complex fluid sims and I was wondering if it is worth it to buy the Flip-Fluids add on. I heard that 2.8 is supposed to have the new Mantaflow fluid simulator, but is it going to be any good? If anyone has advice, let me know. Thanks!

I have bought Flip-Fluids add on and I enjoy it a lot.
Flip-Fluids can pause/resume baking, this function give me more flexibility.
You can try the Demo, that may helps you decide if you like it or not.


Cool! Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Just a heads up: the Blender Market will be having a 25% off sale beginning May 13th - 19th, so if you plan on purchasing and can wait two weeks, that will be the best value! Graswald mentioned they will also be taking part in the sale as well.

Oh, perfect! Yeah, I’m not in any rush, so I’ll definitely wait for that. Thanks for letting me know!

FLIP Fluids is totally worth it’s check also Mantaflow (you can download a build from graphical.org).

Regarding grass, the addons will give you the models, but the best way of distributing grass is using instanced collections (dupligroups), check this video I did about the matter:

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Thanks! This is really helpful. I appreciate it.

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