What port is this?

ok, so i’m just a teenager (WHOOPIEE I STILL KNOW EVERYTHING!:eyebrowlift:) so i don’t have much of a say in what my parents buy. they found this camera, thinking they can plug it in their computer. i’d like to use it for textures anyway ;). back to the point, we can’t find a plug that will go into its port. i don’t think it came with one, but my parents might have lost it or something. what we do know is that this port is supposed to connect it to the computer via usb of course, and what i can tell you it’s not some standard usb cable that will plug into this. here is the picture of the port.(taken by old cam) what do you guys think would connect to this port? thanks. (sry if it’s dark but that’s why we got the new one - the pics are too damn dark)


Is that a Sony? It looks just like the proprietary plug my Cybershot came with (used PS to brighten the image). If it is, you might be able to find a generic replacement at an Electronics store, else, you’d probably need to buy it directly from Sony. If it has a memory card, you could also get a cheap card reader and import the files that way. Good luck!

yea, it’s a sony cybershot, model DSC-W80, but what do you mean by a generic replacement? i’m gonna look for the manual and see what it says (stupid me) and for some double stupidity, what’s a proprietary plug? never heard of that before

Okay, this is the cable you are looking for:

(from Sony)

Now, with that info, call some of your nearby electronics stores, and ask them if they carry any kind of generic replacement that might be cheaper than the $40 Sony wants for it. Chances are, some of the big ones might. If not, sadly, you’ll probably have to buy a replacement from Sony. Also, if it does have a memory card, a card reader can be as cheap as $6-$7, might be an cheaper path to take…best of luck, I know how annoying proprietary cables can be!

cool! thanks! i don’t know why they wouldnt come with the camera, but i guess that’s just sony’s greedy little ways (600 bucks for a console?? NO WAY!)

oh wait, in the instuction manual it says there IS a cable…wonder where that went…thanks anyway CJ Manyard!

YAY! i found it! it was in the old box my dad almost threw away! it works!