What Portions Blender what portions Unity

Hello Everyone,

Im getting started using Blender and Will be using Unity for my GameEngine and Animation needs ( Free Version, may upgrade to pro if i like Unity and feel i am making progress enough to justify buying it) Anyways i have a question i am finding it difficult to find an answer to.

Currently the programs i am using are Blender 2.6 and Unity3d (Free) my ultimate goal is to learn to program and Design my own video games which i understand is not an easy process at all and have no plans to jump in and try to create the next best MMORPG in the next year…

My question is Modeling is Done in Blender yes, but Rigging / Animating is in Unity or do i rig in Blender and port to unity? What i am trying to figure out is what parts of each go into creating a game. What do i need from each of these programs to pull together into what ( 30 years from now with my slow learning speed lol:p ) will be a video game, a breakdown of what each programs uses into the final project.

Thank you for all those that answer with any help you can provide :slight_smile:

You’ll create all of your meshes and rigs in Blender. You can also use Blender to animate these rigs, but Unity has a new animation system in the works which allows easy retargeting from one animated rig to another. This does not mean that you can animate a character in unity, just transfer animations to it from another character. This being said, since you are starting out focus on building static meshes and work up from there.

Check out gimp as a low cost photshop alternative, and check out the tutorials on unitycookie.com to get started.

I like Blendercookie, didnt know unity had one woot :smiley:
So if i make a rig for one model i can transfer it over to another model?

Also, whats gimp for? Have tinkered with it some in highschool 2 years ago but didnt think it was for me.

gimp has improved markedly in recent times. 2.8 is very usable for texturing,

model/rig animate in blender
texture in gimp
import assets into unity
make game.

p.s. handy hint in unity under preferences you can specify your image app,

So instead of creating a texture in blender / unity i can create it in gimp and bring it into blender / unity to use?

Yep, but you don’t create textures in Unity. It only works as a game engine. You can also texture in Blender using bprojection.