what PRECISELY does ctrl-n do for bones?


so i get the idea… they “reset rotations” etc etc… but no book or documentation that i’ve been able to find so far has specified what EXACTLY it does.


what does it do?

what are the factors?

what does it mean that it resets it? RELATIVE to what?



You are right, not a lot of documentation on that one. Here is a Tut that mentions it: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Flying_Bird_-_Building_the_Rig

It appears to realign the axis of the selected bones to the Global axis. So if you rolled a bone so that local Z was down, Ctrl_N will recalculate local Z to the Global up axis.

ooooooo… thanks! much obliged.

d’oh… too bad there isn’t a ‘align to 3 joint plane’ (with one axis aimed down bone, another axis is made to lie on the plane formed by 3 joints [wrist, elbow, shoulder or ankle, knee, hip]) so that elbow, knee bends happen as they should.

but someone from another thread showed me a more manual way to set that up.

thanks again.