What programs control playing a video online?

This topic was a bit hard to place but it may slightly work in this forum. The forum’s description said any programs often used along side blender or something like that.
Just the thing is it’s more than just helpful with blender.

Lately on my computer ive had trouble watching any video on the internet that isn’t directly on youtube itself.

Such as just now i was trying to look at a tutorial on Blendercookie, and it was a vimeo player put onto the blender cookie site.
I’ve also noticed it’s the same for any player that is being played on a site that isn’t the video hosting sight.

What happens is, with youtube players, the video will begin playing and i can watch the buffering meter reach about 10-20 seconds and then immediately says it’s buffered the entire video. When the video reaches that 10-20 second mark, the video quits and youtube acts as if the video has just finished. saying i made it to the 0:13/0:13 mark, when the video was really longer than that.

With vimeo players or others it will reach that 10-20 second mark and just display an error about he video.

There was a site that offered downloads for the videos aswell. If i tried to download the video (by right clicking on it and choosing to save the video) to bypass the player having a problem, it would download incredibly fast and then only play to that 10-20 second mark and the windows media player or what not would error and crash.

I don’t know much about other players besides youtube, but i know that i can watch youtube videos just fine on the youtube website.
This has been going on for about a week now so you can imagine how inconvenient it’s begging to feel. Especially when sometimes somehow set the player to not have the “watch on youtube” button.

I imagine that my issue would be with some sort of program that needs to be updated or redownloaded… Such as Flash, Acrobat, Java, or other things like that. My knowledge of computers isn’t quite great enough to accurately know what those programs do. I know Java is some sort of scripting type of thing, i think Acrobat also reads scripting? and Flash i know of as a Media player… but i don’t know much else on them.

Anyway, any sort of advise is appreciated (:
Thank you (:

Probably your Flash needs updating. I use Avast! Antivirus (there is a free version) and one of the features is that it keeps track of when programs like Flash and Java and others need updating, and notifies you so you can take care of it.

I also get this problem and have for around 18 months - 2 years or so.
For me it only occurs with youtube, not vimeo or others.
The work around I found is to pause the playback just after it starts, and wait for it to buffer. For important videos I go to the local library and use their wi fi and atube grabber.
I have seen many posts all over the net by others who get this problem but here seems to be no common factor.
All my flash player etc are up to date BTW

Well i used Avast to detect what i needed to update, and you were right that there was a flash player that needed to update. Avast took me to the site and i downloaded the installer and finished everything… but Avast said i still needed to update it…
I looked online and there is apparently one newer version of Flash that lots of people are having trouble with too.

but the problem is still happening s:

I think the new flash version still comes with the old version number. Same thing happened to me when I updated Flash. So I’m just ignoring Flash for now. I’m not having any trouble with YouTube videos though.